2019 Well Done, 2020 To Do: #ItalianFWT #WinePW #Winophiles

2020 is barely a week old, but as I’m calendaring the year’s prompts for #ItalianFWT, #WinePW, #Winophiles, winemaker lunches and trade tastings in LA as well as other activities like the Wine Media Conference in Oregon and wine travel to Europe and South America, I’m reflecting on what we accomplished here on Wine Predator in 2019– and trying to decide what to submit for the Born Digital Awards (see what articles I submitted to the Millesima contest here).

I’m not really sure how we found the time, but Sue and I participated in EVERY SINGLE monthly prompt for Italian Food Wine Travel aka #ItalianFWT, Wine Pairing Weekend aka #WinePW, and the French Winophiles #Winophiles.

We joined wine bloggers and influencers from around the world but mostly from the US as we tasted and wrote about wines together following prompts that the group developed and organized sometimes with samples, and sometimes not.

Here on Wine Predator, that means 36 posts altogether at 15-20k words each! That’s the word count of a good sized book!

For almost every single article, I researched the region, the wine, the winery, and Sue and I both researched the cuisine to come up with menus and pairing ideas. I learned a lot and some of the menus really challenged Sue as a chef.

Almost every meal was on a week night after work meaning that if WE can do these meal after work, so can you!

And we’re planning on doing the same in 2020!

  • If you’re looking to learn about wine, this is a great place to start.
  • If you’re looking for ideas for how to pair wines from around the world, this is a great place to start.
  • f you’re looking to push the envelope in 2020, checking out what we did in 2019 is a great place to start OR follow along with us in 2019!
  • I will update this post as the prompts morph over the course of the year AND to add the links to my articles!

This is what we did in 2019 for #ItalianFWT on the first Saturday of the month:

  • January: Camilla M. Mann hosts “Italian Wines for Cold Winter Nights” with our contribution
    “4 Montepulciano Paired with Osso Bucco Warms Up Winter Italian Style plus #ItalianWFT plans for 2019”
  • February: Jeff Burrows hosts “Umbria, with a focus on Sagrantino”– our post–
    “Get to Know Sagrantino #ItalianFWT”
  • March: I hosted a Focus on Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Italy
    “La Maliosa Biodynamic Procanico and a Pasta Bar with Santa Barbara Uni and Mussels #ItalianFWT #WomensHistoryMonth”
  • April: Jason Or Jill Barth hosts “Island Wines of Italy” and we contributed
    “Island Wines of Italy: 3 from Sicily paired with pizza #ItalianFWT”
  • May: Lynn Gowdy Marche and the Pecorino grape
    “Pairing Pecorino d’Abuzzo from Ferzo: Lemon Caper Shrimp #ItalianFWT”
  • June: Katarina Andersson hosts “Lambrusco” and we have
    “Bugno Martino’s Organic Lambrusco Defy Expectations #ItalianFWT”
  • July: Camilla M. Mann hosts “Prosecco” and we have
    3 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Calamari with Lemon Caper Sauce #ItalianFWT
  • August: Kevin Gagnon hosts “Northeastern Italy” and we did
    “Celebrating Summer with 4 Wines from the NE Mountains of Italy with 4 Vegetarian Courses #ItalianFWT”
  • September – Jennifer Gentile Martin hosts “Passito Wines” and we offered
    “Let Pasqua Put a Little Love in Your Life Appassimento Style #ItalianFWT”
  • October – David Crowley hosts “Abruzzo” with our contribution
    “Beautiful Abruzzo: 3 Montepulciano and 1 Trebbiano with simple Italian cuisine #ItalianFWT”
  • November: Wendy Klik hosts “Chianti” and we have
    “Tasting Tuscany: Tuna, Beans, EVOO, Chianti, Vermentino #ItalianFWT”
  • December: Susannah Gold hosts “Lesser Known Wine Regions of Italy” and we offer up
    “3 Surprising Sparklers from Emilia-Romagna’s Terramossa”

In 2020 for #ItalianFWT, we plan to:

  • January: Introduce a Friend to Italian Wine
    Post “4 to try in 2020: Italy’s Franciacorta, Friuli, Chianti, Mt Etna

    hosted by Jeff Burrows
  • February: Cooperatives in Italy (help! we need wine!)
    hosted by Kevin Gagnon
  • March: Women in the Italian Wine Industry (very cool!)
    hosted by Pinny Tam
  • April: Brachetto d’Acqui
    hosted by Cindy Lowe Rynning
  • May: Wines of Campania
    hosted by Susannah Gold
  • June: Sangiovese Around Italy
    hosted by Wendy Klik
  • July: TBA
  • August: Sagra degli Spaghetti all’Amatriciana (I have no idea about this one either!)
    hosted by Camilla M. Mann
  • September: Sustainability and Climate Change
    hosted by Katarina Andersson
  • October: Volcanic Wines (super excited about this one!)
    hosted by Jennifer Gentile Martin
  • November: Primitivo: Godfather of Zinfandel
    hosted by us!
  • December: Sparkling Wines of Italy for the Holidays
    hosted by us!

This is what we did in 2019 for #WinePW:

And in 2020 for #WinePW the calendar is a bit rough but here goes:

  • Jan — Godforsaken Grapes with host Camilla M. Mann
  • Feb — Savoie with host Jill Barth
  • March– Cookbook theme
  • April – Ancient World Pairings (this was actually my idea but it sure sounds weird)
  • May – Orange Wine (fun!)
  • June – Finger Lakes Linda Whipple
  • July – Moldova Jeff Burrows
  • August – Vinho Verde
  • Sept- Harvest theme and we’re hosting
  • Oct – #MerlotMe month Jeff
  • Nov — Under the radar US regions 
  • Dec – Cab Franc around the world

This is what we did for French #Winophiles:

What the French Winophiles plan to do in 2020:

  • January: Newcomer’s Guide to French Wine
    Jeff Burrows of Food Wine Click
  • February: Indigenous French Grapes / Godforsaken Grapes
    Camilla M. Mann of Culinary Adventures with Camilla
  • March: Crémant de Bordeaux / Sparkling wine from Bordeaux
    Pinny Tam of Chinese Food and Wine Pairings
  • April: Northern Rhone
    Rupal Desai Shankar the Syrah Queen
  • May: Cru Beaujolais
    Cindy Lowe Rynning of Grape Experiences
  • June: “Unexpected Pleasures in Champagne– Still wines, biodynamic, or unusual grapes”
    with us!
  • July: White Wines of Roussillon
    Lynn Gowdy of Savor the Harvest
  • August: TBA
    Jill Barth
  • September: Cotes du Rhone
    with Michelle Williams of Rockin Red Blog
  • October: Jura
    David Crowley of Cooking Chat
  • November: TBA
    Linda Whipple 
  • December: Burgundian-tied Wines of Oregon (or Champagne)
    with LM Archer of LM Archer.

So what will I submit for the Born Digital Awards contest?







I wonder if they include captions? If so I’d submit this photo essay.

They will choose the winner of :


Plus there’s the–


I’m still debating! Wish me luck!


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