sample policy

I accept samples of wine, beer and other food products to feature online on my blogs, either here on Wine Predator or on Art Predator or both, and on Twitter and Facebook. Klout considers me an influencer on wine, travel and food, and my score is typically in the mid-60s.

I often visit wineries / breweries, and accept invitations to attend events that are paid for or comped as trade due to my relationship with the industry.

I make every effort to review/evaluate the samples in a timely fashion and to discuss events before and after if they warrant my attention.

Any time-constrained samples being sent should be noted to me.

Reviews will reflect my own opinion unless otherwise specified; at times I invite my friends to discuss samples with me. If I am participating in a twitter tasting with several bottles of wine, I have found it very valuable to include knowledgeable friends in the tasting process.

I will do my best to be honest and free of bias.  I make no claims as to the nature of any review or evaluation I make.

I believe in the wisdom of “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” When there is so much wonderful wine and so many compelling stories about wine, why should I write about wine that I don’t think is worth paying attention to?

Because the Feds want me to, every sample will be noted as such within the review.

Finally, for me, wine is typically part of a meal and as I have found people are very interested in wine and food pairings, I make an effort to pair wines with food. I appreciate pairing suggestions but may not follow them. I typically will taste and take notes about wines before, during, and after a meal. I have even been known to tweet photos and reviews of a wine/meal during dinner.

If you’d like to invite me to an event or write about your wine or adult beverage or product, please send me an email for the shipping information: gwendolynalleyATyahooDOT com. This ensures that I don’t receive random samples, that I am expecting your shipment, and that I can schedule a time to taste and write about your product.

Thank you very much in your interest in having me write about you and your product!

sincerely, gwendolyn alley aka wine predator aka art predator

3 thoughts on “sample policy

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