Unusual Reds at Loire’s Biodynamic Manoir de la Tête Rouge #Winophiles


Tete Rouge

“Tonight?” he asked in accented English. “You want to stay tonight?” 

“Yes,” we assured him, “yes please.” It was about 8pm and we’d be there as soon as we could.

On that gray fall day, our morning began early in Hautvillers, Champagne, Continue reading

#Winophiles Explore Organic Loire, The Garden of France: Preview with Carême “Spring” Vouvray

Carême “Spring” Vouvray

The Loire Valley in France offers languid riverside paths for walking and cycling, storybook castles for exploring and staying, forests for hunting deer and mushrooms, gravelly shoreline and hillside vineyards for wine grape growing, deep limestone caves for living, staying, and storing wine, plus lush fields for cultivating vegetables and raising livestock. Continue reading

West Coast “Bordeaux” Blends with Beef Bourguignon #Winophiles

West Coast wines made with Bordeaux based grapes

What’s your favorite red wine? 

My dad loved mellow Merlot.

Many people choose Cabernet Sauvignon. 

If I asked Sue, she might say Cabernet Franc.

What do these three grapes have in common?

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Explore Loire’s Organic Gardens: France’s Fine and Funky Clos du Tue-Boeuf VDF “Vin Rouge” and an Invite for #Winophiles

While Thierry Puzelat may have stopped “going to church,” as he put it when we visited him, he never gave up on all of his biodynamic beliefs and the insights he gained by working his Loire vineyards at Clos du Tue-Boeuf. Instead, as a “mad scientist” might, he experiments and uses what works on the land his family has worked for centuries (literally since the 15th his family has been in wine!) Continue reading

Successful Pairings of Salty and Savory with Semi-Dry Sweet Bordeaux #Winophiles

semi-dry Bordeaux paired with savory, salty, and semi-sweet meal

Who doesn’t love kettle corn, that salty and sweet combination? If you like me are a fan, then consider this: semi-dry Bordeaux white wines paired with savory and salty fare! Continue reading

Exploring Flavors of Jura Food and Wine Take Two: Trousseau and Melon #Winophiles

Two wines from the JURA, France 

Four years ago almost to the day was the first time both my writing partner Sue and I had our first tastes  Vin Jaune and Trousseau, from Jura, a mountainous region in Eastern France, near Italy and Switzerland.

In our naiveté, we thought they’d be like other red French wines. Sue researched and developed a menu of classic rich creamy and mushroomy dishes to pair with the split of Vin Jaune and the Trousseau. With six adults, and October being MerlotMe, we figured these dishes would work well with several expensive Napa merlot wines.

But surprise surprise: Continue reading