European Wine Bloggers Conference & Portugal Wine Trip 2009

Here’s a collection of posts first published on my Art Predator blog related to my trip to Portugal and the Alentejo wine region. Some of the posts have also been published here at Wine Predator.

I was in Portugal from Nov. 1-Nov. 6 2009 on the heels of the European Wine Bloggers Conference Oct. 30 and 31 2009 in Lisbon Portugal: see page European Wine Bloggers Conference 2009.

My trip was sponsored by Enoforum Wines and I am deeply grateful: here are details on the contest: October 26, 2009 I’m a WINNER! Wine Predator to Attend European Wine Bloggers Conference & Enoforum Oct 30-Nov. 5!

Here’s a post by Jo Diaz on her blog, with our original itinerary.

We started at the 2009 European Wine Bloggers Conference where I “live” blogged many of the sessions which you can read here. Then we were off!

S 11/1 Walt Whitman: I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.

M 11/2 In Alentejo: Carmim Winery, Monsarez & a castle!

M 11/2 Poetry: Lord Ganesh Wants to Travel

T 11/3 As if yesterday’s castle at Monsarez was not enough…

W 11/4Happy Bloggoversary to Me! Art Predator Celebrates 150,000 Views in 2 Years

W 11/4 Miles from Now/here Today: Adventures in Evora, Redondo, Lisbon

Th 11/5 And now, for something different: instead of a castle, how about an aquarium?

F 11/6 Leaving On A Jet Plane…

S 11/7 Back home again: so much to say about Portugal, what should I write about first?

S 11/8 Sleep, Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

M 11/9 Poetry from the 3:15 Experiment: nothing to tag a poem on

M 11/9 Poetry from Portugal: The Embark & The Goodbye by Luis de Camoes

Th 11/12 A visit to a Cork Forest in Portugal & a few words about TCA

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