Mauzac? SW France’s Domaine du Moulin Features Unusual Grape in Sustainable Methode Ancestrale Sparkling Wine #Winophiles  

Mauzac? No it’s not a typo for Muzak and no surprise that it’s an unfamiliar grape for most people! Mauzac is a rather rare grape–only 8k acres in 2000 grown in southwestern France, especially Gaillac and Limoux. It is also one of the lesser known of the seven white grapes permitted in Bordeaux, overshadowed by Sauvignon Blanc and semillon. Mauzac offers Continue reading

So Oregon’s Biodynamic Troon Vineyards FIZZante and Vermentino Pairs with Pizza, Salad #WinePW

In the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Troon farms as if the world depends on how they do it, and the resulting wines pulse with vitality. Not only are they certified biodynamic by Demeter–which means they are also organic– but they recently earned the first “Regenerative Organic Agriculture” in Oregon and a Slow Wine Snail award in the about to be published 2022 edition of Slow Wine Guide which you can purchase here. Continue reading

May #WinePW Preview Features A Journey to Slow Wine Guide Wineries Plus 9 Wines With Pairings


Wines made with grapes grown without chemicals and that are expressive of where they were grown: those are Slow Wines. Calling attention to these wines, and to the growers and the producers farming this week — that is the goal of the Slow Wine Movement. Last year, Sue Hill and I roamed California and I journeyed to Oregon in search of exemplary wines that meet the Slow Wine goals– good, clean, fair. This May we invited fellow wine writers to learn more about the wineries of Slow Wine Guide USA; the new edition can be preordered NOW from Amazon here, or order it here to support the Slow Food Movement. Print editions ship in June, and it will be widely available in stores, at wineries, and online.  

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Discover the Green Heart of Italy: Orvieto DOC in Umbria Paired with Chicken Cacciatore #ItalianFWT

Sitting on volcanic tuff overlooking the plains of southwestern Umbria is the town of Orvieto,  one of the oldest in Italy, dating back to the Etruscan period over 3000 years ago, in the landlocked Umbria region in central Italy known as the “green heart of Italy.” Home to the wines of Orvieto DOC, the town of Orvieto is known as the “City of Wine” because it is one of the most ancient cities of the world that has been dedicated to wine production throughout existence with tunnels and caves for making wine dug through the volcanic stone. In fact, the word for wine comes from an Umbrian word “vinu” says Attila Scienza. The cool caves were perfect for fermentation of the sweet white wine that made the region famous; in the 13th century, this thriving metropolis housed 30,000 people, more than in Rome!

In the 17th century, when the Pope repaired an ancient aqueduct, it was said: Continue reading

Favorite Foods for Four Under $20 Sauvignon Blanc Wines from Chile

favorite foods for sauvignon blanc

Spring means my garden is full of nasturtiums, lemons, salad greens, mint, lavender, roses, and rosemary! The volunteer tomatoes are just getting rosy. And pairs so well with spring? Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, in the Loire Valley, it’s ancestral home! Even though it is fall right now in New Zealand where the grape has made its mark, New Zealand and the rest of the world including Chile is paying attention to this zesty, herbal white wine because the first Friday in May is Sauvignon Blanc Day! 

Sauvignon Blanc flowering in Fillmore, Ventura County, CA April 2022

So what are some of our favorite pairings for this food friendly wine?

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4 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Paired With Blue Cheese Burgers For Beach BBQs and Mother’s Day!

Wine from Chile has long been recognized as affordable and awesome. Here are four Cabernet Sauvignon from two regions ranging from $20-$45 that over deliver for you to consider for your next beach or backyard BBQ. While you’ve probably enjoyed a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon before since almost 100k acres and 20% of the Chilean vineyards, you may not have paid much attention to the region or compared them. Generally speaking, a typical Cabernet Sauvignon from the Maipo region offers red and dark fruit with polished tannins and juicy freshness while Cabernet Sauvignon from Colchagua Cabs brings to the palate darker fruit, structured tannins, and moderate freshness. The Maipo Valley includes the historic core of vineyards that you may be familiar with,  so it may be time to compare with the Colchagua Valley to learn more about the differences and similarities between climate, soils and, ultimately, terroir management.


4 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon from 2 Regions

A brief introduction to two regions and two wines from each: Continue reading

Pairings for 3 Wines from Affordable Mendocino Organic Girasole and Barra –Featured in the new Slow Wine Guide

As Earth Month winds to a close, consider moving toward more sustainable wines, including those you can find in the Slow Wine Guides. One such winery is certified organic Girasole, which means sunflower in Italian, founded by Charlie Barra, and who has an organic winery named after him, Barra.

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