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From April 2013:
Wine Predator’s WBC12 Ignite!Wine & Conscious Wine’s Portland Pairings
A video of my presentation from the Wine Bloggers Conference. What more can I say except I keep promising to post m,y slides and haven’t yet but promise to before WBC 13?

From March 2012:
Wine Blogging Wednesday “Singles Night Out” –Viognier and Syrah from Ojai Vineyard’s Roll Ranch
Annie and I had a great time tasting these wines and writing about them. I love how we weave local history, natural history, and a Chumash story into our tasting notes.

From February 2012:
Port Pairs: Vertical Heaven
I bought a bunch of vintage ports for my birthday and invited a few close friends to taste them with me. This was a very special evening. Then Ima Zinner came over and we spent far too much time staging the photos and retasting the ports!

From August 2010–about my grandfather’s wine cellar:
What I Inherited from my mother’s father
I was working on this essay when my mom died. I almost read it to her the morning of the day she passed, but didn’t, partly because I wanted to share with her the finished posts with the photos. I really regret that I didn’t read it to her when I could have. I also regret that we put off geting the house in my name and now I’m fighting with my siblings over it. I lost my wine storage and the wine that was there that was my grandpa’s is gone too. Sad sad sad.

From March 2010:
Portugal: bike paths lined with poetry & wine so good it rarely leaves the country
In 2009, I traveled with Jo Diaz to Portugal where I attended the European Wine Bloggers Conference and we had an amazing experience in the Alentejo region as guest of Enoforum. This post is not a review but an appreciation of the country and its culture. If I ever moved from the United States, I think Lisbon would top my list of cities.

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