WBC-Or-Bust: WA Wines

I’m signed up

to compete in the WBC-or-BUST contest and write about Washington wines! If I win the contest, myself and a dozen or so other lucky bloggers will be driven around to various top-notch wineries from Seattle to Walla Walla, be wined AND dined, and stay in a way cool B&B and a fabulous hotel in Seattle!

See the badge there on the sidebar? That means I’m official! And if I follow these “Rules & Guidelines”, and get selected, then I’ll get to go!

First thing I had to do was create a free WineCHATr.com blogger account.

Second, I’d added a “WBC-or-BUST” badge/banner from your WineCHATr.com account manager.

Now on to blogging!

They say that 12 winning bloggers will be named at the conclusion of the campaign. Four (4) winners will be selected at random out of all qualifying participants. Two (2) winners will be chosen for posting the most Washington wine related blog entries (minimum of 150 words required for each post). Six (6) additional winners will be chosen for the best category based posting:

  • Top 2 Best Washington winery posts
  • Top 2 Best Washington wine or tasting note posts
  • Best Washington growing region post
  • Best Washington vineyard post

Too bad they’re not doing word count; I’d be a shoo-in! Also they say:

* Your blog has to have been started before the end of October 2009 (no problem there–I started Wine Predator August 2008 and started posting regularly November 2008; my main blog, Art Predator, I started November 2007).
* Washington bloggers/residents can’t compete (I’m definitely a Californian!)
* You have to have a ticket to WBC 10 (and those are selling out fast! I’m applying for a scholarship, but if that doesn’t come through, Reno is saving me a spot and I’ve offered to help out like I did last year. Thanks, Reno!)
* You have to make a 1 minute video and post it to you-tube and leave a link in your blog Just kidding! But here’s mine anyway! Just insert Washington Wine whenever I say M-G. I’m an equal opportunity blogger (within reason!)

Below are more details about this amazing opportunity. Check it out and you’ll see why I want to be on that bus or bust!

ROAD TO WALLA WALLA: June 23rd – 25th

DAY 1: Seattle & Woodinville Wine Country
WBC-or-BUST Preview - Day 1 Experience some of the best Washington has to offer from one of the premier food & wine destinations in the Northwest. {view itinerary}

DAY 2: Yakima Valley & Walla Walla
WBC-or-BUST Preview - Day 1 Travel across the Cascade Mountain Range to visit Washington’s premier growing regions and taste through a selection of premium wines. {view itinerary}

DAY 3: Start of the Wine Bloggers Conference
Arrive to Walla Walla in style just in time for the WBC with a deeper understanding of Washington and its thriving wine industry.

So here goes! Until this contest ends at the end of April, there will definitely be a Washington Wine slant to my blogs. It’s gonna be a blast! And maybe I’ll get to blast off in June to my next wine adventure–in Washington!

I’ll try to keep track of my posts on this page:

April 30, 2010Does L’Ecole No 41 Ring a Bell?

2 thoughts on “WBC-Or-Bust: WA Wines

  1. Congrats on winning the WBC Buster Bus tour Gwendolyn. I look forward to meeting you at the WBC or during the pre-conference redendevous at DuBrul vineyard in Sunnyside. Cheers!


  2. Thank you, Chris! I look forward to meeting you also! I’m really excited about seeing the Washington wine country, learning more about it and tasting your fabulous wines!


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