Preview: #Winophiles Investigate Biodynamic Wines of France

You can’t tell from THIS photo but this wine has a super power which you’ll find if you turn it around and check out the back label:

There it is, on the bottom left: the “demeter” certification.

As I discussed in the invite post to this month’s prompt for the French #Winophiles, biodynamic wines score higher, last longer, cause less intense hangovers, AND improve the planet!

Please join us this month as the French #Winophiles learn what biodynamic wine has to offer. Our posts  go live this Friday and Saturday and we’ll be chatting about what we learn this Saturday Jan 19 from 8-9am Pacific time.

Here’s a preview about what we will be discussing — along with a teaser about one of the biodynamic wines we tasted this week below that:

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2016 – Chateau Peybonhomme – les – Tours – 13.0%
50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% 

Inside this bottle labeled in a classy, clean, easy to read, and informative fashion, we found:

Color: Golden, honey gold

Nose: This wine has a lovely, engaging, and inviting nose. Sweet honeysuckle, white flowers, tuberose,  citrus, citrus blossom, tangerine, and  a lot of sweetness.

Palate: Fruit forward, with nice acidity and minerals to balance the fruit.

Pairing: I loved it with the goat cheese and sourdough, and it was fantastic with our provincial olive taponade. It was wonderful with caesar salad and we could imagine it would be nice with a classic salad topped with a lemon vinaigrette. It also went nicely with goat cheese or brie topped with pear. Excellent with scallops cooked in butter, garlic and herbs on a bed of capalini pasta with nasturtium pasta and really very good with the Calamari. It liked the rich seafoods.

This is a relatively light wine, great as a party wine, appetizer wine, even a greeter wine. It is quite versatile. The semillion rounds out the palate and responds well to the richer flavors.

See you on Sat. Jan 19!



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