WBC 2008

During the final weekend of October, bloggers convened on two continents: in Amsterdam for B08, and in Santa Rosa, California for the Wine Bloggers Conference.

At the Wine Bloggers Conference, almost 200 people gathered, most of them bloggers, to taste wine, and more wine, and to discuss wine, and more wine, with a lot of tech and blogging conversations going on too.

Since it was a conference for bloggers, you can imagine many posts were written. I wrote eight myself which I posted at Art Predator.

Art Predator Drinks Up 1st Wine Bloggers Conference

October 25, 2008

I’m drinking an iced coffee on a warm sunny day in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, from the lobby of the Flamingo Hotel, host of the First Wine Bloggers Conference and watching cases of wine roll by which they are opening rapidy as they set up for the next tasting of Sonoma wines.

Wine bloggers wander around […]

Bloggers Conference: Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote “How To Make $100,000 Blogging”

October 29, 2008

At the last minute I heard from organizer Allan Wright that I could get into the (busting at the seams full!) First Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, California. After dropping the Big Monkey and the small boy off at the train station so they could go south to Legoland, I jumped on Interstate 5 […]

Zinfandel Heaven

October 29, 2008

So there I was, in the Grand Ballroom of the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa at the Wine Bloggers Conference, surrounded by empty dinner plates, empty dessert bowls, empty wine glasses and empty wine bottles.

My stomach too was empty. But the hotel was full, full, full, as full as the bellies in the banquet room.
What’s […]

After Zin, Comes New Zealand Vin

October 30, 2008

Unfortunately, my sweet suite at the Wine Bloggers Conference at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa was going to charge me to get on line so I poured myself a glass of Mauritson’s Rockpile 2006 Zin (which I liked even better than the reserve–not as “fruity” but more cherry and better structure and balance and […]

Biodynamic & mostly organic: Quivira

October 30, 2008

Saturday morning I packed up and left my sweet zin suite at the Flamingo Hotel to jump on a shuttle with other attendees of the First Wine Bloggers Conference for a hike through the wine country…except I watched the shuttles head off into the morning without me.

Fortunately, I could jump on my cell and talk […]

Blog Tips: 2 Conferences, 2 Continents

October 30, 2008

We did more than drink wine at the First Annual Bloggers Conference.

Not much, admittedly, and it might not sound like it. We ate, certainly. Didn’t sleep much that’s for sure since that interfered with the drinking (excuse me) tasting of wine.
But Saturday afternoon we had two sessions focusing on blogging in the wine business with […]

WiFi on the bus: only in America

October 26, 2008

There’s wifi on this bus taking attendees of the First Wine Blogging Conference to Sebastiani for dinner and a keynote address by Alice Feiring.

“Amazing,” says Elodie my seatmate.
I may be the only person blogging from this bus but here I am.
“Only in America eh?” Elodie says. She’s French and currently living in Prague. She and […]

Wine, wine, wine & Alice too

October 30, 2008

“Wine, wine, wine–pass that bottle to me!” sing it to me,  Sticks McGee with Brownie McGee helping out on guitar and vocals. Then on the flip side, “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water…”
After the two blogging sessions at the Wine Bloggers Conference, it was back to drinking with a tasting of Sonoma […]

My Morning Wine

October 26, 2008

At 10am on this particular Sunday, I am not in a typical church.
Instead I am sitting in the Church of the Early Morning Wine Drinkers, surrounded by 8 laptops and one iPhone. The bloggers wildly tap, tip, and talk, discuss twitter and whatever else comes up in our unconference topic, “Organic Flow,” facilitated by Nick […]

Sharing the Wealth the OWC way–part 1

October 30, 2008

Recently a joke made the rounds of conservative and Republican emails, blogs, and forums calling into question Obama’s ideas of redistributing the wealth by taking an Obama supporting server’s well earned tip and giving it to a homeless person outside the restaurant (here’s my post with the full version of this story).
I practiced a little […]

Sharing the OWC Wealth Part 2: Trick or Treat!

October 31, 2008

Hey there friends and fellow wine enthusiasts!
This is no trick, it’s all treat–I spent last weekend at the First Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa and scored a bunch of open wines including a motherlode of  Dry Creek Valley zins!
These wines were opened Friday so they need to be enjoyed soon! Want to come […]

I’ll also offer a selection of posts by other conference attendees (soon!).

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