Live Wine Blogging Round 2 at #WBC17: Red Wines

Every year the Wine Bloggers Conference features live blogging where wineries have five minutes to pour and present their wines to a table of bloggers who then do their best to tweet and take notes. This year there were around 25. or 30 tables with 6-8 people at each. For wineries, it’s a great chance to meet with an engaged group. For bloggers, it tests you to see how well you can taste and find a story to share in five minutes. In the past, I tried to do tasting notes. These days, I am using my camera to take notes and I am more interested in capturing the story and noting whether the wine or the wine’s story caught my interest enough to investigate further.

This year the red wines ranged from Pinot noir to petite sirah and in price from around $20 to around $70. I was able to get 10 tweets up, one about each wine. Continue reading