#ChardonnayDay 2014: Th. May 22

So I was mistaken in my #SauvBlanc Day post in saying that Chardonnay Day–that day to celebrate wine made from Chardonnay grapes– is the last Thursday in May when in actuality it is the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend which this year is actually NOT the last Thursday but this Thursday May 22.

imageConfused? Well, relax and pour yourself a glass of the most popular white wine because the 5th annual #ChardonnayDay is upon us!

1 Grape

5 Years

6 Countries

20,000+ participated

25,000 tweets sent

100,000,000+ people Reached


Join us in celebrating Chardonnay Day. Find local tastings, discover new wines and chat with winemakers in person or online. Just follow the hash tag #ChardonnayDay on your favorite social media site or check in at your favorite wine bar or tasting room.

Where will I be and what will I be tasting?

While Chardonnay is a widely available wine and grown throughout the world with nearly 100,000 acres in California (more than any other varietal ), and as much as I was wowed by #PureChablis at a lunch at Bouchon in November, I am tempted to visit a local winery or three or four and taste and tweet from there!

You just might find me starting at Cantara in Camarillo, heading north on the 101 a few miles to Herzog in Oxnard, then Four Brix in Ventura, then Vino V and Old Creek Ranch on the way to the grand-daddy of Ventura County Wineries, Ojai Vineyard, then back home for dinner–fresh wild salmon is in season again or maybe some clams from Jolly Oyster with linguini.

Doesn’t that sound fun?  Who wants to go with me? Of course Helen is in (just say #cougarcrack!)

If that proves too ambitious mid-week,we might just head over to the new California Welcome Center in the Collection in Oxnard 2786 Seaglass Way. A “Gateway to the Central Coast” located “where Pacific Coast Highway 1 meets the 101 Freeway 30 miles north of Malibu”, the California Welcome Center is open daily to encourage exploration by providing information on local activities, it’s also the first Welcome Center in California to offer also local wine tasting in the Ventura County Wine Trail wine tasting room.

10312536_10152128349995924_6700083212344461516_nAnd of course if we don’t want to leave the house, I’ve got a few bottles of chardonnay up my sleeve, er, in my cellar yearning to be a part of a Chardonnay Day party! These include Kistler, Summerland, Ojai Vineyard, Frank Family, Josh, and more. I may even pick up a bottle of Chablis (and I don’t mean the kind that Gallo used to make but the Chardonnay from France!)

If you aren’t already, follow me on twitter to discover what I taste tomorrow–and on other days too!

Want to participate in Chardonnay Day yourself? It’s simple! Open a bottle of wine graced by Chardonnay and share away with comments, photos, parings using the hashtag #ChardonnayDay.

Depending on the style, Chardonnay goes particularly well with lobster, seafood, pasta with cream sauce, chicken; the more buttery the Chard, the better it will go with richer food. You’ll find Chardonnay straight and blended, oaked and unoaked, vintage and non, with or without bubbles.

You may be surprised at the range in expressions this grape can have depending on terroir, treatment,  winemaker’s palate or what food you are pairing it with!

SO: What are your plans for Chardonnay Day this Thursday?


6 thoughts on “#ChardonnayDay 2014: Th. May 22

    • I’m not sure about what’s happening Friday. The original idea was inspired by Thanksgiving, which is the last Thursday of November each year. It’s not to confusing if it’s consistent each year.


    • Rick, there’s a website out there about “wine days” that has it by the date. I have seen it elsewhere by the date of May 23 (last year). I get that it is not about the date but about the day of the week and that it is the Thursday before Memorial Day–a kickoff to summer. My mistake was thinking that it was also the final Thursday in May which it is not this year. What is great is that I got an email from a local wine shop about Chardonnay Day when in the past I’ve gone in there and they have not had a clue about whatever wine day it was. The event is getting traction and hopefully next year people will know that it is the Thursday before Memorial Day!


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