Let’s Talk Teeth! How to Make Your Own Magical Mouthwash

Happy wine writers flash their Petite Sirah stained teeth at Dark and Delicious hosted by PS I Love You

If you are in the wine industry, you need to listen up, because we are going to talk teeth today on Wine Predator.

Talk teeth? Yes, talk teeth RIGHT NOW because over 400 or so industry professionals are gathered in Santa Rosa for the Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference followed by the Wine Bloggers Conference.

And what does that mean? A LOT OF WINE IS GOING DOWN!

Now don’t whine:  I’d rather talk about WINE!

Don’t ask: Who wants to talk about teeth except a dentist or an orthodontist?

Being in the wine industry can be hard on your health. I know– it’s the price we pay for this awesome lifestyle and opportunities to taste amazing wines paired with stunning food!

I mean just look at this recent BRUNCH from Skinner in El Dorado County Continue reading