WBC17: Walla Walla Here We Come! #WBC18 October 4-7

Announced tonight at the dinner sponsored by Naked Wines that we will be going to Walla Walla WA for next year’s Wine Bloggers Conference!

And the dates will be:

October 4-7 2018!

Hard to imagine that I will be able to attend in the fall at that time … but I can dream right?

150 family owned wineries
charming city yes check
great history where you can walk anywhere


and we will be at the wonderful hotel where we were in 2010 as well

but yeah it’s a terrible time of the year for me personally so you probably won’t be seeing me…



American Wine, American Meal: Duck and Duckhorn Merlot #WinePW

As part of our #MerlotMe extravaganza in October, some of us received six bottles of wine as samples at three price points from Duckhorn Vineyards. Last year we were doing a Jura French wine dinner with food from the region and we figured it would be fine with the Duckhorn wine. While we were right and it was fine, the Jura wines paired with the Jura food was exceptional, while these fabulous Napa Merlot was just ho-hum with that meal

This year for #MerlotMe we wanted to go for Merlot and food pairs that we were confident were winners with Merlot but still a stretch for us in one way or another. That’s what led to this post where we paried two Napa merlot with both salmon and triptip as well as a number of sides.

But for these meal we loved the idea of pairing duck with Duckhorn — and as the Wine Pairing Weekend group is exploring American Wines for an American Meal with an eye on Thanksgiving, we thought this would fit right in.  Continue reading