Get Your Napa Game On: Celebrating #MerlotMe With Tritip and Salmon

Go Team! Go Merlot Day!

When your team is in the World Series or another BIG GAME , you need to watch it on a really nice screen. Better yet with good friends, good food, and good wine!

Because we don’t have TV, we hit up Myr and Charles and they were happy to host us especially since my husband offers to do most of the cooking! He roasted brussels sprouts, seasoned and BBQ’d a tritip and two slabs of salmon, Myr roasted pumpkins and cooked lentils for a salad, and we all contributed to a cheese tray.

Wait– red wine? and fish?

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Highlights: Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference Santa Rosa 2017


So what’s all this Wine Marketing and Tourism about? Here’s the full agenda.

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