Let’s Talk Teeth! How to Make Your Own Magical Mouthwash

Happy wine writers flash their Petite Sirah stained teeth at Dark and Delicious hosted by PS I Love You

If you are in the wine industry, you need to listen up, because we are going to talk teeth today on Wine Predator.

Talk teeth? Yes, talk teeth RIGHT NOW because over 400 or so industry professionals are gathered in Santa Rosa for the Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference followed by the Wine Bloggers Conference.

And what does that mean? A LOT OF WINE IS GOING DOWN!

Now don’t whine:  I’d rather talk about WINE!

Don’t ask: Who wants to talk about teeth except a dentist or an orthodontist?

Being in the wine industry can be hard on your health. I know– it’s the price we pay for this awesome lifestyle and opportunities to taste amazing wines paired with stunning food!

I mean just look at this recent BRUNCH from Skinner in El Dorado County

Food and Wine Writers hard at work at Skinner Vineyards in El Dorado County during the International Food Bloggers Conference. This was the most amazing brunch of my life. By far. And likely one of my top 10 meals. Of my life.

or this dinner last month at Boeger in El Dorado County!


As you may have figured, all that tempting wine and food can be a challenge to maintaining a trim waist line. While I am inspired by Travel Wine Chick Elizabeth Smith’s 80 pound weight loss in one year, I am not ready to go to boot camp every morning at 5am followed by the simple diet that she enjoys and thrives on.

Because as you may have noticed here on Wine Predator, we like to cook.

So while most people are aware of the challenges to waistlines and other health risks,

the dirty secret of being in the wine industry is the risk to our wine soaked teeth.

I know you’ve seen it — at events, in tasting rooms, even at home after a dinner with a dense, dark and delicious Petite Sirah your teeth are likely to be wine stained.

While wine stained teeth can be seen as a badge of the well-wined and is nothing to be ashamed of, it is something to fear: that wine is eating away at your enamel AND you shouldn’t brush your teeth right away.

Even industry veterans who spit like Tim Hanni who is a Master of Wine and spoke at the Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference is at risk — and he’s a recovering alcoholic and doesn’t drink any more (for over 20 years I heard him say yesterday).

Even if you don’t swallow, you are swishing that wine around in your mouth, as thoroughly as possible, to get as much flavor as you can, right? Spitting doesn’t do anything to address the impact of wine on your teeth.

Worse, maybe you, like me, wake up in the morning and drink herbal tea or warm water with lemon. While great for your health, that’s not great for your teeth either.

Speaking of health risks, if you are tasting or even lord help us DRINKING wine, you should be starting your morning with herbal tea. Nettles is a great one for inflammation and cleansing, and you can buy it in bulk for a lot less than a little tea bag. But if you’re pressed for time, try the different detox teas or milk thistle teas that are out there. I also like burdock. Ginger and turmeric teas are also great for the internal organs that are taxed by a wine industry lifestyle.

Then, you’re like most people, you’re going to follow up that lemon herbal tea with COFFEE or tea and guess what? That’s also bad for your teeth!

Those of us in the industry may then sample wine before lunch and after lunch and before dinner and during dinner and after dinner and … well you get the picture, right?


Convinced? I hope so! After tasting lotsa wine, your teeth are soft from all of the acid so the last thing you want to do is brush your teeth. Let me say that louder:


Now what to do about it?


This is a recipe from my chiropractor Dr. Barbara Doreo who is also a dental hygienist who also started the dental assistant program at Oxnard College and on and on. The woman is HIGHLY QUALIFIED.

I have given “make your own mouthwash workshops” at Burning Man (for three years now!) and at Lucidity Festival (for two years!) and people of all ages love this mouthwash.

At Burning Man this year, I was talking with my dear friend Jane Smith and three gentleman and they were all quite interested in the mouthwash. Seriously, everyone is interested in having a fresh mouth at a festival!

“This is great!” the first time Burner Dentist said enthusiastically. “And I should know! I’m a dentist! Can I have a recipe? Can I share it with my patients?”

It is inexpensive to make and easy. You can buy the ingredients online or at most health food stores, Whole, Foods, Sprouts, etc. Here’s the recipe:

In a 1 liter or quart of water (I ozonate mine) , add 1/4 – 1/3 cup xylitol, and 18-22 drops of edible essential oils. Shake well and make some magic with a spell or intention. Pour into a smaller container. Swish some in your mouth. Spit. You can swallow it but ew, why? You don’t want to drink more than 1/4-1/3 of a cup because it can cause a tummy ache.

You can do this several times a day. If you’ve been tasting wine, you might do this at the end of a session, but you don’t want to do it before if you use the recipe with the essential oils (which are optional). The xylitol might impact your palate also.

If you’re at the Wine Bloggers Conference, I will have samples of mouthwash and copies of the recipe to share!

Here’s one more suggestion: brush your teeth with ozonated oil. Oil pulling is another option. Ozonated oil will help protect the food and wine particles from sticking to your teeth and makes it easier for the mouthwash to wash them off. The oil can also help remineralize and strengthen your teeth. You can buy ozonated oil online or from Dr Doreo (it’s not cheap because it takes weeks to make!) or you can make your own which is what I do (again it takes 108 or more hours!).

If you invest in an ozone machine (about $200 to get one that can make ozonated oil), ozonate your water for 30 minutes or longer and drink 2-4 quarts a day. If you ozonate it long enough, it will become more and more alkaline which is also good for your health.

With the combination of these treatments, in addition to regular cleanings and ozone therapy, my teeth and gums are healthier than ever.

Cheers to healthy gums and teeth!

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