Sue’s Top 10 Memorable Meals and Wonderful Wines of 2022

Orange wines for summer times with tasty bites

Does it feel like we’re being surrounded by Top 10 Lists of 2022? And yet, here comes another one! Every year I ask my fellow Wine Predator Sue Hill to tell me her Top 10 wines but she can’t give me her Top 10 Wines she says because the experience of the wine is always so intertwined with the meal. So I asked her to send me her Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts we’ve created in 2022. Continue reading

Top 10 Sparkling Moments of 2022

Clink different with sparkling wine secrets from around the world

Happy New Year! On New Year’s Eve, more than any other except maybe a wedding day, all minds go to sparkling wine. Sparkling wine is one of my favorite beverages and I drink it all year– and not just on special occasions! So as I’m preparing Top 10 2022 lists from Sue and I, I thought I’d take a look to see what we did with sparkling wine in 2022 and I came up with this Top 10 Sparkling Moments for 2022: 

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