Sue’s Top 10 Memorable Meals and Wonderful Wines of 2022

Orange wines for summer times with tasty bites

Does it feel like we’re being surrounded by Top 10 Lists of 2022? And yet, here comes another one! Every year I ask my fellow Wine Predator Sue Hill to tell me her Top 10 wines but she can’t give me her Top 10 Wines she says because the experience of the wine is always so intertwined with the meal. So I asked her to send me her Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts we’ve created in 2022. Next time I need to ask her to detail why these were the standouts!

“It was very difficult to narrow it down,” writes my fellow Wine Predator Sue Hill. “What a year it has been.” Indeed it has: she had to choose from over 100 articles (this is post 108 for 2022!)  with most articles featuring from 2-6 wines, meaning we’ve tasted, took notes, paired, and wrote about some 400 wines from around the world in the past year alone.  

And most of those blog posts include recipes, many of them easy for midweek meals because that’s when we usually meet for our tastings. 

Three Crémant d’Alsace Paired with Crêpes Suzette

Sue sent me these articles below In the approximate order they were published as her favorites for 2022. Let us know in the comments which are your favorites!

  1. January 2022: A Dozen Sparkling Wine Pairing Secrets from Around the World: Part One #WinePW

  2. February 2022: 2 Pinot Nero from Oltrepò Pavese with Polenta, Taleggio #ItalianFWT

  3. March 2022: Champalou Fille’s 2020 Vouvray with French Favorites #Winophiles

  4. May 2022:  #WinePW Preview Features A Journey to Slow Wine Guide Wineries Plus 9 Wines With Pairings

  5. June 2022: Albana, Boschera,  Erbaluce, Incrocio Bruni, Maceratino: Rare Italian White Grapes Plus Pairings #ItalianFWT

  6. June 2022: Crab Crêpes Compliment Crémant d’Alsace for Summer #Winophiles

  7. July 2022: 5 Orange Wines for Summer Times from Austria, Mexico, Oregon, and Paso Robles Paired with Finger Foods #WinePW

  8. July 2022: Comparing 4 More Sauv Blanc for Summer Time Virtual Travels: South Africa, Chile, Sonoma

  9. October 2022: Smoked Lamb/Beef Meatloaf Says #MerlotMe with Sonoma’s Decoy and Washington’s Pedastal #WinePW

  10. November 2022: A Vegetarian Feast For The Holidays: “Vegducken” + 5 CA Zins + gratitude for my Zin origins #WinePW

2017 Ridge Zinfandel Blend, Geyserville




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