Special Wines for Special Occasions: Champagne! It’s Not Just for Giving Toasts! #Winophiles

Special Wines for Special Occasions: Champagne!

For winophiles like me, it’s exciting to find a special bottle of wine for a special occasion. We all have our favorite sources, and we know who we can trust with recommendations. We love going and perusing the bottles and learning more about the wines inside, imagining the pleasures within, especially when we see the Demeter insignia on the labeling indicating that the wine is certified biodynamic. Sue and I love Point du Chene in Ojai which has a nice selection of organic and biodynamic wines made by small producers, and here in Midtown Ventura near my home, there’s a new wine store specializing in natural wine that I look forward to visiting. In Los Angeles, Sliver Lake Wine has a great selection of interesting wines while Wine House LA seems to have everything.   

But sometimes, we’re already on our way to the special occasion gathering when the call comes with a request: “Can you stop by the store and get some Champagne?” Continue reading