Invitation from Bianchi Winery and Wine Predator to Zin a Little (a competition!)

One of the last things my mom did for me before she passed away was to sign for some wine from Bianchi Winery to store in the cellar at her house until I had a chance to write about it .


Knowing that I am a huge zin fan (and a fan of well made HUGE zins), they had sent me the following–a bottle of Bianchi Zin (as well as a bottle of Petite Sirah!) and an invitation to meet Bianchi Winery’s winemaker Tom Lane (who, they claim) offers “a savory blend of quirky humor, mixed with deep passion and winemaking insights.”

As I’m considering how to celebrate Global #Zinfandel Day this Friday November 19, I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to sample that bottle of Bianchi Zin.

Winemaker Tom Lane certainly has the credentials–with “countless accolades and medals under his belt after more than 25 years of winemaking.”  Tom graduated from UC Davis and began his professional winemaking career at Navarro Vineyards then he joined Concannon Vineyard where “Tom helped the winery earn hundreds of accolades, including Wine and Spirits Magazine Winery of the Year in 1995 and 1997.”  Tom’s also received a Dan Berger Winemaker of the Year, 1997 and Jerry Mead’s Winemaker of the Year in 1996.

Since driving from the Ventura area to Bianchi by myself to taste wine and hang out with Tom would be MUCH more fun to do with others, tell me in the comments why I should choose YOU to go with me! Bonus points for people who blog and tweet regularly about wine. Bonus points if you like The Write Alley on facebook! More bonus points if you’re a subscriber to this blog! And if you tweet this (be sure to mention Art Predator!), you are definitely in the running.

This opportunity is open to as many people as I can fit into my car!

6 thoughts on “Invitation from Bianchi Winery and Wine Predator to Zin a Little (a competition!)

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