Let’s All Go Zin: Nov. 19 is Global Zin Day

How do you plan to celebrate Global Zinfandel Day, Friday November 19, 2010 from midnight to midnight?

All you have to do is open a bottle of zin and enjoy it! I tell you, I am such a zin fan I’m ready to pop a cork at midnight and begin tweeting! (After all, I cut my wine “teeth” working at Ridge!)

If you want to get social, use the #Zinfandel hashtag to connect with other zin lovers on  Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, blogs, etc.  You can also search the hash tag on social sites to see what others are drinking and read what they’re saying allowing you to connect and chat with other Zin drinkers around the world.

But why not get social in person? Continue reading