Perfect Gift: Gorgeous Wine Glasses

Like shoes to many women, I find it hard to say no to fine wine glasses and fine linens–especially if they’re on sale.

What makes linens and wine glasses better than shoes is that they almost always fit. You have a very good chance that you’ll have a bed in your house for those sheets or you’ll know someone who does.

And wine glasses! I’ve found they make an excellent hostess gift and you can never have too many at home…because, unfortunately, they break. And since I’m often involved in events where wine is involved, I want to make sure the wine is served in decent glasses (and not plastic cups!) both for the aesthetic experience and to be greener. Even inexpensive wine will taste significantly better in a glass of any kind while fine wine really deserves to be served in glass.

While it’s obvious to my eye and my touch the difference between the look and the quality of linens, wine glasses aren’t. And really, I wondered, beyond being a reasonable size, does the shape of a wine glass make that much of a difference?

Yes, Virginia, just like there’s a Santa Claus, there IS a huge difference in how a wine tastes in different shaped glasses.

In  the coming weeks, I plan to explore the world of wine glasses to educate myself and to in turn share what I learn with you, dear reader so that you too will know which wine glasses to get!

But in the meantime, some quick advice about a few wine glasses you might be considering picking up Continue reading

What’s Going to Happen to Wine Blogging Wednesday

Lenn Thompson, the guy who started Wine Blogging Wednesday, is back in action with a plan to get the monthly event going once again! Here’s his tweet to me:

@ArtPredator Already in the works… keep a look out for an announcement in the new year 😉

Here are some more excerpts from Lenn’s twitter feed lenndevours today that tell the story–read up or down, it’s all good!

Hey wine bloggers…#WBW never went away. Was just on hiatus due to low participation. It’s coming back in ’11 with a vengeance. Post soon.
@WineHarlots @RichardPF Wine Blogging Wednesday. Every month a different host and theme. #WBW
@WineHarlots We’re bringing it back! #WBW
@swirlsipsnark I agree. I miss #WBW and I’m glad that there seems to be renewed interest.
@swirlsipsnark Thanks…I hope people participate better than they did in the spring. Samples-based Twitter tastings hurt participation #WBW
@GimmeMoreWine Keep an eye out for a post soon after the new year. I hope you’ll join us! #WBW
@GimmeMoreWine #WBW is a monthly wine-tasting for the wine blogging community I founded years ago! Different host and theme every month. Fun
Follow what’s going on by joining the Wine Blogging Wednesday facebook community, checking the #WBW hashtag on twitter, and visiting the Wine Blogging Wednesday blog (where I am now an author!) One way or another, folks, it looks like Wine Blogging Wednesday is back on for 2011. I look forward to seeing where we all take it this time!

Part Two: What Happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday & Ideas on How to Revive It

Yesterday, in Part 1, I was musing about whatever happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday so I took my wondering self to the world wide web to see if anyone else was missing it.

And I found this blog post from August where, voila, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who wanted to see Wine Blogging Wednesday revived.

Seems Tim Elliot was wondering the same thing and eight or so wine bloggers commented.  Inqvine even suggested a theme: “Fungus Among-us” on botrytis wines.

“I would love to see WBW start up again,” Alleigh of A Glass after Work said in the comments. “It was a wonderful way to really become part of the wine blogging community. It was particularly interesting to see how other wine bloggers approached the same topic or the same wines. Inevitably, I learned something new. Now, as a more comfortable wine blogger, I think WBW would still a great way to meet new bloggers and taste new wines, but it always would be a chance to have further discussions about wine with other bloggers and not just my regular readers.”
So, I propose we get Wine Blogging Wednesday rolling again! I think we need to Continue reading

Part 1: Whatever Happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday?

This was what I was wondering this winter Wednesday night: whatever happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday?

Tonight I aim to find out and see what I could do to get the ball rolling again–while enjoying the wine of a fellow Wine Blogging Wednesday participant, Jeff Stai from Twisted Oak’s El Bloggo Torcido!

So here’s the back story:

When I started wine blogging back in 2007 (yes!), I poked around the web to find out who was doing what and discovered Wine Blogging Wednesday posts.

And then I was offered a job doing social media and other wine writing (a job which unfortunately went down with the economy in 2008–before I even started–for a company that is now in bankruptcy proceedings–ouch!) But I went to the first Wine Blogger’s Conference in 2008 anyway where I figured I’d find out the secret to participating in Wine Blogging Wednesday (and more, of course!)

On the last morning of the conference, I joined a table of men who were all 5-15 years younger than me. Why? Because they all had their laptops and smartphones out–AND they had bottles of wine on the table.

I didn’t know it then, but I was sitting with the Young Turks of wine blogging and social media: Continue reading

What’s YOUR pinot moment? Share today!

Today YOU are invited to share your “pinot moment” in person or online, with friends, at a meetup, on twitter, facebook, or your favorite wine bar. Learn more about the Pinot Moment event here: Join or organize one It’s easy!

I’ll be thinking about my “pinot moment” and sharing pinot love stories at the CSUCI Art Gallery today from 3-8pm where I will be participating in the Women’s Economic Venture’s Holiday Boutique and Soiree to sell my poetry books and broadsides and to network. Afterward, we plan to cross the street to the Wine Rack wine bar.

Join pinot lovers and share YOUR pinot moment at a Holiday Soiree and Boutique fundraiser for Women’s Economic Ventures at the Cal State Channel Islands art gallery in downtown Ventura on the corner of California and Main and across the street from the Wine Rack.

Wine will be served with donations going to WEV. You can also bring a bottle of your favorite pinot to share. We’ll be there form 3-8pm then we’ll head over to the Wine Rack for a little after soiree soiree.

Ventura Winter Wine Walk Success

Downtown Ventura was quite the happening holiday scene last Saturday night.

As the streets cleared of vendors following the Holiday Street fair, the Main street as well as side streets stayed closed. Near California and Main, “snow” fell to the delight of many while down California at Santa Clara at the corner park, carolers sang amongst newly lit trees.

And amongst all this holiday cheer, the 1500 people who bought $40 bracelets and tickets to sell out the first Winter Wine Walk packed participating stores and swarmed sidewalks carrying plastic glasses filled with wine!

I admit is was a bit shocking to see Continue reading

Fundraiser for WEV: Wine Dinners Sun & Weds at Jade Restaurant in Santa Barbara

Last spring, I received a substantial scholarship to participate in a Women’s Economic Ventures 14 week Self Employment Training Class. I wrote a business plan for The Write Alley Coaching and Writing Strategies and graduated with honors; at our graduation, I was voted class speaker. Subsequently, I was selected to speak at the 2010 Women’s Conference.

Now WEV is experiencing a severe budget shortfall and has turned to its graduates asking for them to help raise funds to support other women to go into business for themselves. Among other activities including a holiday boutique on Thursday that I’m participating in, Jade Restaurant is holding a Women’s Winemaker Dinner with net proceeds going to WEV. Continue reading