How Will You Zin for Global #Zin Day?

I went to the cellar and what did I see?
Bianchi Zen Zinfandel staring at me!

Glaymond Zinfandel also I see:
Barossa Valley 2003!
I was tempted by Rusden 2003
but 2 zins from 2 continents

seemed enough
the hubby’s lamb
on the grill
tender not tough!

Rhyming pomes
just aren’t my thing
but these zinfandels inspire
trying to make it all ring

I give up–I may be a poet but I am not into rhyming! Tomorrow I’ll get up a more serious post about the wines I’m tasting for Global #zinfandel day. In the meantime, check out my twitter feed.

And let me know if you want to go with me to Bianchi Winery to meet winemaker Tom Lane! The zin is a delight; I can only imagine the wonderfulness of the PS sample they sent also! Thanks Bianchi–this will be fun!