Join Ventura’s Winter Wine Walk This Saturday Dec. 4, 2010

This Saturday night, celebrate winter and wine by talking a walk around Ventura’s cultural district!

The Ventura Winter Wine Walk December 4th lets you sample fine wines and delicious appetizers in Downtown Ventura’s restaurants and stores from 5-9pm.

Tickets are $40. You’ll receive a map and 12 sampling tickets; each ticket is good for a two ounce sample of wine and a food sample at select locations but you can only use 2 tickets per location (which means you can’t hang out at the same place all night and use up all your tickets there!)

MAKE IT A WEEKEND! In addition, enjoy carolers, a Christmas tree lighting at 6pm, and even “snow.” During the day, the Holiday Street Fair takes over downtown and covers the streets with plenty of gift ideas. The previous evening is First Friday where many shops, galleries, and  art studios are open from 6-9pm and offer special events including music and art demonstrations. There’s even a SantaCon ArtRide–join a convoy of Santas and ride around downtown from gallery to gallery!

As a special gift, here’s a code to get 1 hour “free” parking until Jan 1: 1563297. Put it in your wallet so you’ll have it when you need it!

For more information and tickets visit or call 805.765.4294. WARNING! Tickets are almost sold out!

Which wines to serve for a Happy Thanksgiving?

For weeks now, the wine bloggosphere has been dizzy with recommendations for wines to pair with Thanksgiving meals, especially how to find wines that will work with everything from appetizers to turkey to pecan pie!

The answer is: bring a bunch of different wines!

As you can imagine, I am the wine person in our gatherings. I usually bring Continue reading

Part 2: Global #Zinfandel Day–AUS Glaymond & Paso Robles Bianchi

To celebrate Global #Zinfandel Day, I decided to open something special, something unusual–something from Australia to toast the 47th birthday of my Australian friend and fellow blogger Paul Squires who had a heart attack and died July 28, two days before my mother died of heart failure.

Paul was one of my strongest supporters as a blogger, as a writer, and as a poet. He was my online buddy with whom I could plot and scheme and strategize. We shared links and ideas and gave each other feedback on many elements of social media and writing.

So when I realized that Global #Zinfandel was his birthday, I knew I’d be drinking one of the two Australian zinfandels in the cellar my grandfather built, wines that Grateful Palate founder Dan Phillips selected for me at one of his warehouse sales.

It was a toss-up between Continue reading

Part 1: Global #Zinfandel Day = Zin-tastic!

So how did I spend the 24 hours of Global #Zinfandel Day?

Reveling in Zin of course! I tasted 4 zins: The Big Green Box Old Vine Zin, Four Vines Old Vine Cuvee 2007, Glaymond Barossa Valley 2003, and Bianchi Zen Ranch 2007. This post discusses the first two wines, and in a second post I’ll write about Bianchi and Glaymond.

To celebrate Global #Zinfandel Day Friday Nov. 19,  I started in on zin on Thursday with a Four Vines 2007 Old Vine Cuvee which I picked up at The Ventura Wine Company for $11.

I admit, the Old Vine Zin Cuvee wasn’t the wine I wanted from Four Vines. Last year, I’d gone in to buy  another bottle of the Biker ($20 at VWC, $28 from the Winery) which Wine Spectator placed in the Top 100 of last year’s releases. The Biker was a fantastic example of zinfandel, Continue reading

A Zin-full Blast from the Past

In recognition of Global #Zinfandel Day, here’s a very zin-full post from Wine Blogging Wednesday #60 August 2009. In it I discuss the grand daddy of all zin wineries, Ridge, as well many zins from what I think may be the prime zin growing region anywhere: Dry Creek Valley Sonoma California.

Up next: A post about the wines I enjoyed for Global #Zinfandel Day: a 2003 Glaymond zin from the Barossa Valley AUS, a 2007 Bianchi, Four Vines 2007 Old Vine Cuvee, and even some Old Vine Zin that came from The Big Green Box!

And don’t forget there’s a contest to go with me to visit Bianchi and meet the winemaker Tom Lane! Just leave a comment on why I should take you with me!

Wine Blogging Weds #60: Ridge is Zin-Full! And a dozen more zins too! For this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #60, host Sonadora prompts us to Zin with BBQ and reminds us that Lenn of Lenndevours started this off five years ago this month. Happy 5th Birthday, WBW! At my house, we love both zin and BBQ, and enjoy both often, so the only question around here was which zinfandel and what shall we BBQ? Both questions were answered simply. For grilling,  I found a beautiful, thick porterhouse steak on sale at Vons whic … Read More

via Wine Predator

How Will You Zin for Global #Zin Day?

I went to the cellar and what did I see?
Bianchi Zen Zinfandel staring at me!

Glaymond Zinfandel also I see:
Barossa Valley 2003!
I was tempted by Rusden 2003
but 2 zins from 2 continents

seemed enough
the hubby’s lamb
on the grill
tender not tough!

Rhyming pomes
just aren’t my thing
but these zinfandels inspire
trying to make it all ring

I give up–I may be a poet but I am not into rhyming! Tomorrow I’ll get up a more serious post about the wines I’m tasting for Global #zinfandel day. In the meantime, check out my twitter feed.

And let me know if you want to go with me to Bianchi Winery to meet winemaker Tom Lane! The zin is a delight; I can only imagine the wonderfulness of the PS sample they sent also! Thanks Bianchi–this will be fun!

Let’s All Go Zin: Nov. 19 is Global Zin Day

How do you plan to celebrate Global Zinfandel Day, Friday November 19, 2010 from midnight to midnight?

All you have to do is open a bottle of zin and enjoy it! I tell you, I am such a zin fan I’m ready to pop a cork at midnight and begin tweeting! (After all, I cut my wine “teeth” working at Ridge!)

If you want to get social, use the #Zinfandel hashtag to connect with other zin lovers on  Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, blogs, etc.  You can also search the hash tag on social sites to see what others are drinking and read what they’re saying allowing you to connect and chat with other Zin drinkers around the world.

But why not get social in person? Continue reading