“Fugues on the Farm” feature in VC Reporter

Check out my cover article “FUGUES ON THE FARM | A HARVEST SERENADE COURTESY OF MUSIKARAVAN” for the VC Reporter — with a photo I took on the cover! It’s in this week’s paper, on stands yesterday September 24, 2020.

Unfortunately they did not include any of the video clips I sent them in the digital edition, but you can find some of the violin in the vineyard here and more about MusiKaravan’s visit in “Music in the Malbec” as well as clips in the series Rhone Roam #1, Rhone Roam#2 and Rhone Roam #3 when they performed for us on our deck after our wine pairing dinner! Rumor has it they are going to do a video about that experience too which included planning, menu making, and an elderberry galette from berries from a shrub I grew!

Next up, a one thousand word article with photos about the Ventura County grape harvest for the Ventana Monthly for the October issue that will include interviews with The Ojai Vineyard’s Adam Tolmach and Fabien Castel, Clos des Amis winemakers Bruce Freeman and Gretel Compton, and winemaker for Topa Mountain and Pacific View Dominic O’Reilly plus Pacific View owner Patti Mitchell (separate article on this visit to come before the month is over!). I’ve visited all four wineries this September during harvest. With COVID I’ve stayed close to home! Last year for harvest I was also in Champagne and the Loire while harvest 2018 found me in Oregon!

Of course in my Ventana article I will again mention MusiKaravan!  What a treat!



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