Happy New Year! Here’s 20 from 2020 To Try for 2021

Wines we loved in 2020 includes this sparkling Erbaluce imported by Verovino (sample)

In 2020, here on Wine Predator I published over 150 blog posts with over 222,000 words where we discussed the over 300 wines Sue Hill and I tasted and usually paired with food, writing about what worked and what didn’t.

Gotta say, just about every pairing we did in 2020 was a success so it’s challenging to choose. Lots to be grateful for.

this selection of Italian rosato and pairings made Sue’s Top 20 of 2020 (samples)

I asked Sue which were her favorite wines from 2020, and she said, “As always for me, it is about the food as well as the wine, and the experience of both together. I picked out the following 20 that stood out to me. Not in any particular order, just my favorite wine food pairing posts of the year.”

Turley zinfandel is on Sue’s list– and she’s a member of the wine club

Sue’s 20 Favorite Wine and Food Pairings of 2020
(in no particular order and linked to the original post)

  1. Carmenere: the Vine that Masqueraded as Merlot in Chile
  2. A Zinfandel for Everyone and Every Occasion: Happy Zinfandel Day 2020.
    We both loved that biodynamic Bartholomew rose of zin.
  3. So Voila! Alice Paillard and her Father’s Champagne House 
  4. Rhône Roam #2 Grenache Day.
    Loved both wines and the meal.
  5. A Visit to Loire with Thierry Puzelat 
  6. Summer Dinner with Rosato Emila-Romagna, Tuscany, Sicily 
  7. Go ahead, Give in, Acquiesce to these Rhône whites from Lodi Ca
  8. Meatloaf and #Merlotme with Sonoma’s Selby and Columbia Valley’s L’Ecole No 41
  9. Orange wines from CA and Italy by accident and on purpose with pairings
  10. 3 bottles of bubbles from Val D’ Oca paired with crab butternut bisque and polenta lobster speck shrimp.
  11. Introduce a friend to French wine #1: Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Comforting Cassoulet 
  12. Introduce a friend to French wine #2: Loire’s St Nicolas de Bourgueil AOC Les Quarterones 
  13. Napa Flora Springs 2015 Trilogy, 2018 Soliloquy 2020 new release party
  14. For sweethearts and friends: fondue, croissant casserole, 3 Alsace wines
  15. A wine lovers gift guide two festive wines
    The Rangeland Mistletoe was so yummy!
  16. Brachetto d Acqui and Grandma’s Biscotti with red wine poached cherries, marscapone 
  17. Cava, Prosecco, Champagne oh my! Four sparkling wines to try this summer with zucchini fritters.
  18. Curious about Carignan?
  19. Godfather III Turley zin vs Barricone primitivo 
  20. Beyond Prosecco: try these sustainable sparkling wines from Italy’s Erbaluce, Franciacorta, Lambrusco, Pignoletto. 

Orange wine made a splash for us in 2020– and this post with these three wines available from Verovino made Sue’s list (samples)

Here’s a bonus because I can’t believe that she didn’t include the cheese post!

Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide: 9 Cheeses with a Biodynamic Burgundy  

9 cheeses paired with a biodynamic Burgundy (sample)

 Watch for my Top 20 Wines from 2020 up soon! Cheers!





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