Marlborough’s Villa Maria Sauv Blanc Organic and Delicious with Oysters or Squid! #WorldWineTravel

Marlborough’s Villa Maria Sauv Blanc with seafood: oysters, squid, anchovies laced salad

Last summer I attended one in person training session of potential members of the US Wine Tasting Team in preparation for the World Blind Wine Tasting Championship. We were tasked to bring bottles of classic wines, wines with classic profiles, wines we suspected would show up in the contest (see the list of wines for the 2022 championship here as well as the list of winners and how various countries places.  Bottles were placed in bags and separated between white and red. No one proctored them to see what the tasting order should be; it was basically random. And yet, what wines did we bring? Which wines were opened? Continue reading