Zinfandel Day 2022 with SALDO and Slow Wines

2021 SALDO California Zinfandel

What’s my go to wine for Thanksgiving or other holiday meals? While Oprah and others suggest Pinot Noir, for me, there’s a one word answer, ZINFANDEL! There’s a reason this is the fourth most planted grape in California, and it’s not just White Zinfandel: Zinfandel vilified in the traditional way is deliciously juicy, versatile with food, and typically an affordable pleasure. Whether you’re having traditional turkey and all the trimmings, ham, or prime rib, Zinfandel pairs the best with the range of sweet, savory, herbal, and over the top combinations of dishes that define this culinary event for many people. And to remind you of the myriad ZIN-FULpleasures of Zinfandel, ZAP (Zinfandel Advocacy group) brings to us on the second Wednesday of November, ZINFANDEL DAY! Continue reading