Veni Vidi Vici? Veni Vidi Vixi? Viti Vini? Ventura County Vineyards 2021 and My Year in Review


Veni, Vidi, Vici: I came, I saw, I conquered. Well maybe not exactly CONQUERED. Perhaps a better phrase would be Veni, vidi, vixi — I came, I saw, I lived.  (As we head into our third year of the COVID pandemic, that’s saying something!) For three years now, since January of 2019, I have been coming out to the vineyards of Ventura County to do hands-on learning about how wine grapes are grown and made into wine: viti (viticulture) and vini (vinification). Here’s the year 2021 in review, plus a few other highlights of 2021– Veni Vidi Vixi Viti Vini! I came, I saw, I lived, I grew grapes, I made wine!

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Mixing It Up: 3 Easy Italian Cocktails with Prosecco, 3 Italian Digestives for Dessert of Ferrero Rocher

Looking for fresh, easy cocktail ideas that aren’t too sweet? Join us as we mix it up with Italian cocktails using these Italian beverages and Italy inspired ingredients for starters, and then, as digestives to conclude the meal with a classic Italian dessert, Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. Continue reading

Sparkling Wine Secrets: Seven Grapes, Seven Styles from Italy With Finger Foods

6 sparkling wines from Italy

Garganega. Glera. Grechetto. Lambrusco. Moscato. Pinot Nero.  These are all grapes made into sparkling wines in Italy, so if you thought Italian sparkling wine came from one place, and in one style, and one grape only –I’m looking at you PROSECCO!– do I have a holiday sparkling wine secret surprise for you! How about seven styles of sparkling wine made from seven different grapes paired with Italian inspired festive finger foods? 

festive finger foods inspired bu Italian cuisine paired with Italian sparkling wine

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California Nebbiolo? Yes! Madroña and Soquel Vineyards

Barolo and Barbaresco are two of the most iconic Italian wines. Made from the Nebbiolo grape, the vines  grow in Piemonte, in the hills of northern Italy, and the wines are famous for being pale in color yet powerful on the palate. But California Nebbiolo? Continue reading

Sparkling Wine Secrets: Celebrate the Season with Biodynamic Bubbles from Bourgogne and Alsace with Festive Finger Foods #Winophiles

Biodynamic Bubbles? Yes please! From France? For sure! Charlot Champagne? Nope, not in this case! We’re talking Crémant which means Continue reading

Dreaming of a WINE CHRISTMAS? Check Out These Sparkling Gift Ideas!

Santa’s Secret– yes that’s Wine Predator on the right!

Last year, I did a wine lover’s gift guide with 12 Days of Christmas with wine related gifts:

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