Sparkling Wine Secrets: Seven Grapes, Seven Styles from Italy With Finger Foods

6 sparkling wines from Italy

Garganega. Glera. Grechetto. Lambrusco. Moscato. Pinot Nero.  These are all grapes made into sparkling wines in Italy, so if you thought Italian sparkling wine came from one place, and in one style, and one grape only –I’m looking at you PROSECCO!– do I have a holiday sparkling wine secret surprise for you! How about seven styles of sparkling wine made from seven different grapes paired with Italian inspired festive finger foods? 

festive finger foods inspired bu Italian cuisine paired with Italian sparkling wine

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Grateful for Exciting Sparkling Wine From Franciacorta Italy

Today is the second Franciacorta twitter tasting that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, thanks to Balzac Communications.

Before September, I don’t think I’d ever tasted this sparkling wine from Italy that rivals Champagne in quality, but is much lesser known. You’d be amazed at the quality that you can get for the money–I know I was!

Tune in to twitter #Franciacorta to see what we think about today’s line-up. Post to follow soon with more tasting notes.1474638_10151785497985924_997366342_n

I’m also planning on spending some time with that massive map they sent to learn more about this region that I hope to visit one day soon!

PS And no, I am NOT going to let my son saber the bottles with his new Minecraft sword because Rusty Ginger fought him off!