A Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide: Three Phone Soaps

Phone Soap Go

On the Third Day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

I have to admit Sue is not convinced a Phone Soap deserves a place on this Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide. Not even one and especially not three.

But did you know that a cell phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom?

I know, gross, right?

For people who travel, or who want to travel, or who plan to travel, whether to wineries, tasting rooms, in or out of the country, or for people who worry about people who travel, a Phone Soap to disinfect your cell phone and other electronics is a great idea. 

Your phone has become like a third hand you never wash, points out PhoneSoap.

And right now, with all the hand washing and hand wringing going on, you need to clean that phone!

Phone Soap Go

Getting a Phone Soap Go ($100) was a great idea BEFORE the coronavirus pandemic back when I was sure 2020 was full of travel, and  I was all set to order my Phone Soap Go.  But no. When COVID hit, EVERYONE wanted one. At least so many that there was a significant backlog of orders and it took me awhile before I got mine. 

Now whenever I go somewhere, even just the grocery store, when I return home I pop my phone in the Phone Soap to clean it of whatever it may have picked up. When friends come by for a socially distanced visit on the deck, I break out the Phone Soap and let them clean their phones. When we leave home, we take it, and use it; it only takes 10 minutes to sanitize your phone. It’s super easy– you just pop the phone in the case, press the button, and 10 minutes later, you’re good to go.

AND you can disinfect more than your cell phone. In fact, you can use your Phone Soap on any electronics or other devices that you don’t want to wash with soap and water but will fit inside the device. Think about sanitizing your watch or ear pods.

If and when I get to go on a plane again on a wine related press trip or other travel, or even just to a tasting room, you know that I’m bringing my Phone Soap Go which also CHARGES my phone which comes in really handy when traveling, and it comes with a sweet carrying case too.

Yes the Phone Soap Go which I purchased is also a power bank and can charge a phone up to four times!

So why three phone soaps? Well, why not? if your true love sent three then you could have one, you could keep one in the car, or you could give them away! 

PS I didn’t get this Phone Soap as a sample or discounted or even sooner than anyone else but I do think it’s a great product and here’s how you can save:20% ON THE PHONESOAP PRO WITH CODE ‘JOY20’ or  SAVE 10% ON THE HOMESOAP WITH CODE ‘HOLIDAY10’ ORDER BY DEC. 15TH FOR GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY


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