A Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide #1: Wine4Me’s Whimsical Wine Calendar

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

a calendar from Wine4.Me!


Yes I am doing a holiday gift guide this December!

I’m also featuring lots of sparklers this month starting with rose from five countries around the world followed by three posts with bubbles from Italy to get us feeling festive in this most unusual year!

To get the 2020 Gift Guide going, how about this educational,. colorful, inexpensive, and whimsical wine calendar created by my friend Amy Gross with stands made by her husband and his dad? And under $25!

I met Amy way back in 2012 at the Wine Media Conference in Oregon, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. 

Amy’s spouse and FIL made the blocks.

“I created the calendar as a fun way for people to see what the wines they love taste like,” Amy tells me. “So often people have a hard time describing what they like in wine. This way, they can take a sip and then take a look at the calendar and hopefully get a better idea of just what it is they may be tasting.”

On her website, Amy writes, “Learn about most popular grape types and their flavor profiles each month of the year with this whimsical wine grape desk or countertop calendar.” Every month showcases a different grape and profiles the wine using a water-color style. Wine4.Me also suggests wines from the featured grape. 

The calendars measure 5″ x 7″ and come with the wooden block holder. Plus, as Amy is from the Houston area,  10% of the purchase price from every calendar will be donated to a Houston-area food bank.

And if you don’t know about Amy’s Wine4.Me app, you should definitely check it out!

Her site has some fun videos also including this one with Craig Camp about biodynamic Troon Vineyard in Oregon; you can really tell that Amy knows her stuff about wine AND that her degree is in journalism. 

Watch her YouTube channel, she suggests, where “I’ll be featuring wines each month on Wine4.Me and on our YouTube channel that coordinate.”

Here’s another example from the calendar, this one for September which is appropriate since Thursday September 2 is Cabernet Day!

I just LOVE Amy’s creativity and this calendar is such a fun example. I am looking forward to enjoying mine in 2021!

Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE for more ideas for the wine lover in your life this holiday season!  

PS Also, as this is Giving Tuesday, while you have that credit card out, why not drop some dollars for MusiKaravan? Check out their new video below! 

Dear Friends,

This year’s Giving Tuesday is upon us, and many feel that the last few months have brought so much uncertainty – at best – that it is difficult for art organizations to ask for the needed financial support, and for supporters to financially contribute the amount they’d have normally wished to. This is a perfectly normal feeling and we shouldn’t feel bad about it. We hope that our COVID Projects continue to inspire you, and we can’t wait to perform for you in person again.

Although many of our scheduled concerts have been postponed, as well as CD recordings we were looking forward to, we got a chance to create new projects and explore a whole new world of possibilities and discoveries that would have never existed without these peculiar conditions. Please click on the images below to enjoy some of our Projects Without Borders that involved Delirium Musicum and its musicians!

We hope these will inspire you, and that you’ll feel a renewed desire to support and be a part of our musical journey. We terribly miss your close presence in concert halls, and hope to share live music with you very soon!

In the meantime, if you are in a position to make a generous gift to support our effort to keep human bonding and music resonating in our lives during these days, we’d be immensely grateful. And remember that no matter how big your donation is, there is no better way to show your appreciation than sharing the word about us and our music with your friends and family!
You’ll find us on your favorite social media outlet for the possibility to deliriously share your favorite DM musical project with the ones you love, close and far!


Delirium Musicum Is a nonprofit organization, and donations are tax deductible!



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