Bye Don: Say No to Wine Tariffs and More


In general, I try my best to stay focused on wine, food, and wine related travel here on Wine Predator, with a solid side of sustainability: biodynamics, organic, climate change. Over on Art Predator, I’m not as silent: there’s more politics, environmental and other issues (plus writing tips, music, art, literature, and film reviews… when I’m not too busy her on Wien Predator!).

But I can’t stay silent about this election longer .

It’s time to say Bye Don.

It’s time to say NOPE.

NOPE to tariffs and other products from Europe.

NOPE to ignoring climate change.

NOPE to thinking raking the leaves will stop the fires.

NOPE to calling COVID a hoax as millions get sick and over 200k people die.

NOPE to so much more.

I’m too tired to finish the blog post I’d planned to publish today: it’s about the fires in Napa which I’d planned to finish up and post the day the Glass Fire broke in Napa, and it was and will be tone deaf unless I address the fire in the room.

And I’m tired because I spent most of the day prepping and painting my garage which is visible from a major street in my town as well as a very popular restaurant, Cafe Nouveau.

So what am I painting? BIDEN HARRIS in bright blue against a white background. The E uses the colors of the Pride/Diversity Flag: Black, Brown, Red, then Orange and yellow, and the third bar is green, blue, violet.

A local artist, MB Hanrahan, did the lettering this afternoon. Other friends have volunteered with the painting. I’m footing the bill for materials.

Channeling my inner Kamala Harris with these Chuck’s!

I’ll get back to painting tomorrow, but also writing about wine. It’s #MerlotMe after all, and I’ve got two posts in the works on the topic: Peju and lamb chops, plus #MerlotMe and meatloaf. There’s more #MerlotMe to come too, and lots of other fun stuff.

So drink the good stuff. Enjoy the fall weather, the sunrises, the sunsets.

Drink it all in.

Pay attention to

the good,

the bad,

the funny,

the ridiculous.

VOTE already and get a laugh from the video below.

PS Here’s another parody — “Replant the cabernet!”


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