Everything Pumpkin Paired with #MerlotMe: Trick or Treat from Napa Ghost Winery Flora Springs

So far 2020 has been all tricks, no treats.

You can change that by treating yourself to this sweet treat: wines from Napa Valley’s Ghost Winery Flora Springs paired with a pumpkin everything dinner.

an inspiring pumpkin themed tableau at the Bees Knees, Los Osos

First off, what’s a Ghost Winery:

  • It’s a winery that died and returned from the dead to haunt us with yummy wine!!
  • In 1920, California wineries numbered 700.
  • In 1933, only 40 were left.
  • The wineries that didn’t make it are known as “ghost wineries” as all that was left was the ghost of the winery.
    Learn more about a few of California’s ghost wineries here.

a selection of Flora Springs wines

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