Love EU Wine and Cheese? Comment NOW Please on Proposed TARIFS!

You have until midnight Eastern time or 9pm Pacific time TODAY Monday January 13 to comment about the proposed 100% Trump Tariffs against food and wine from the EU that might start as early as TOMORROW Jan. 14.

calling to complain: SO PLEAE Call YOUR senators and representatives and urge them to pressure the Office of the US Trade Representative to reconsider their proposed tariffs

Yes, some of these tariffs are 100%.

If you like wine, BUY, and enjoy cheese, olive oil, and so many other food products,

this will devastate YOU.

Because it will cost you so much more to buy the food, wine, and spirits products you love. AND it hurts many Americans who are in the import business– Americans who are your neighbors.

So what can you do? Read about it and comment here.

As you read down the list of tariffs, you will be shocked at how petty and over reaching these tariffs are.

Here’s an example of the impact on one wine list:

Here’s Alder Yarrow’s take on Jancis Robinson’s site:

Check out this op-ed in the NY Times by Jenny Lefcourt, president and co-founder of Jenny & Francois Selections, a natural wine importer:

“We are fighting not just to be able to drink European wine; we are fighting for our livelihoods and for our hundreds of thousands of employees.

We have already been hurt by tariffs. In October — a peak season for wine sales — the government imposed a 25 percent tariff on French, Spanish and German wines, along with single-malt Scotch and other European food products…

… But tariffs make no sense — if we insist on charging European winemakers more to sell their products in the United States, they will easily find another buyer. The only ones hurt will be American businesses and consumers.”

Watch this video for more about the impacts:

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