#MerlotMe, #Blogtober, #Sobertober, #VanLife, #100 for 2020

Sunset on the California Rincon, Ventura County

As if 2020 wasn’t challenging enough, I’ve decided to participate in Blogtober and Sobertober. October is also #MerlotMe, and yes I’m participating in that, too. 

October is #MerlotMe. Stay tuned for more Merlot!

Blogtober is where participants try to blog every day in the month of October. Today is October 4, and this is my fourth blog post this month so so far so good.

I’m also going to count posts I publish on Art Predator where I posted daily during April’s National Poetry Month for a total of 32 posts there as well as 11 posts here in April  on Wine Predator. Of course that was also during the lockdown and what es; e were we supposed to do? I have posted daily on Art Predator before a few times, but never attempted daily posts on Wine Predator. Because that’s a lot of wine.  This is post #100 for 2020 (and 971 total) and I’ve published almost 150,000 words (with lots of thank to Sue!) If I write every day, that will put me close to 1000 lifetime posts on this blog!

Which brings me to Sober October. If I posted daily on Wine Predator, I would have to dump and spit a lot of more wine because as it is, I post on average 10 times a month, about three times a week. Each post has 2-8 wines. So if we say four wines times ten posts, that’s more than one wine a day.

I don’t always buy wine to match my cars but when I do, it’s because #VanLife.

Like I said, that’s a lot of wine. Even if I’m tasting it and sharing it with Sue!

But wine posts don’t have to have wine tastings notes in them; there’s more to the story of a wine than what it tastes like.

We do like to taste wine, however,. and we also like to pair the wine with food. That’s why we do what we do, spending hundreds of hours a month preparing for tastings by developing recipes and menus and researching the wines before we taste them, during, and after. This is also how Sue and I have both put on some extra pounds over the past eight years of getting together 4-6 times a month to taste wine. 

And October is #MerlotMe — a month full of Merlot tasting, Merlot events and Merlot pairings. There’s  a steady stream of Merlot arriving at my house with the expectation that I will taste it and write about it… this month. 

Everyone hard at work. #VanLife

While some say Sober October means you’re completely sober — like Dry January where you stay dry and don’t drink — I prefer to think of October as a time of sober reflection as we head into the dark days of winter. Instead of cutting alcohol completely out, why not consider how much and when? There’s a continuum between being drunk and being dry. You can still drink and be sober as in not drunk. 

This might seem like semantics but I think it’s a meaningful distinction. Because Sue and I only get together once a week, we try to taste what we can in that time, and to pair them as well. We taste the wines without food and then with food, and it all adds up. We try to be careful with our consumption but we don’t dump and spit everything and I don’t want to either. But I can be more thoughtful and careful about what and how much I am consuming. There might be a few more “non-drinking” nights a week as well. I also have a backlog of drafts and this may be the right time to tackle them and get them to see the light of day.  

So what do you think? Have you done a Dry January or sober October? If you’re a writer, do you write very day? If you’re a blogger, do you blog even day? And will you #MerlotMe this month? 

Wish me luck! Cheers! And please subscribe! 

PS #VANLIFE! The tie dyed van is mine and the other van belongs to friends. 

ALSO: High quality dogs and merlot– really good! I found this one with the VW label at Grocery Outlet for under $10.  And the wagyu New York steak? Divine!

Teton Ranch hot dogs! So good with Merlot! Love that the Barramundi has a screw top — perfect for picnics! Easy off and on to prevent spills from uneven surfaces.


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