What went down in August, Sept; What’s Up Fall ’17?

Hey there! Yes that’s me sporting a chocolate mustache from Dellorees’s Confections in Placerville CA! We’re on a post International Food Bloggers Conference with a stop at the Farm and Table for some special bites (pictured) paired with wines from two El Dorado County wineries, Holly’s Hill and Lava Cap.
And now I am writing to you from a beautiful cottage at Lucinda’s Country Inn near Fair Play in the heart of El Dorado wine country.
I’m surrounded by the sweet lulling sounds of crickets, I can easily start a cozy fire in the gas fireplace when it cools off, I’m sipping on a Holly’s Hill red blend (pictured above), and soon I’m going to take a bath!
I’ve had an inspiring weekend at IFBC, and I’m looking forward to exploring El Dorado County more tomorrow before I drive home. But first here’s a few more fun people sporting chocolate mustaches!

Note: if you click on the tweet, you can see the mustache photos better.
So what’s in the tasting line-up for fall?
  • F 10/25 Champagne Day
  • T 11/7 Merlot Day
  • W 11/8 Tempranillo Day
  • W 11/8-13 Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rose
  • W. 11/15 Zinfandel Day
  • Th 11/16 Beaujolais Day
  • F 11/24 Carménère Day
  •  Mo 12/4 Cab Franc Day
  • and New Year’s Eve is Sparkling Wine Day!
Posts to be scheduled–
So far we have:
 So what went down? Well, we celebrated Prosecco Day at the beach with a magnum of Nino Franco:


And we celebrated Rose Day too:

August: 9 posts

Most popular post was actually from 2010; I published it soon after my mother died and because of a personal situation, many of my friends read it last month:

What I inherited from my mother’s father

 Plus I went to Burning Man where it was hot hot hot! And I shared Riondo Prosecco on the Mighty Zenith along with a feast of hot dogs as a “wedding reception” at the Elvis Wedding Chapel where my campmates and I performed 81 weddings over five days!!

With regards to content I published in August, this simple yet delicious meal and pairing for French #Winophiles had the most page views:

4 French Wine Finds $20 and under paired with Croque Monsieur and Monte Cristo Grilled Cheese

September: 8 posts.

Most popular post — and the most fun and challenging too was this one for #WinePW which I hosted:

 And I went on a press trip to Napa and Lake County where I also attended a yoga retreat with a group of women wine writers. We also went on a hike followed by a trip to a Kelseyville Brewery:

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