Just Say No To Halloween Candy and Wine — And Yes to Wine Cocktails!

we love these Halloween themed wines form Flora Springs — but I wouldn’t ruin my palate with Halloween candy pairings with them! I bet you could do a dark chocolate bar or dessert, however!

This is where I am supposed to write a post about Halloween candy and wine pairings.

It is National Chocolate Day after all.

And it is the time for all of those Halloween parties.

And yep, it is hard not to tuck into that big bowl of candy while waiting for trick or treaters to stop by.

But this is where I just say NO.

That’s right, folks wanted to send me wine to pair with Halloween candy and that’s what I said: NO. No, I won’t. I won’t do it I tell you! I even emailed Sue and said hey they want to send us wine to pair with Halloween candy and I said no. Send us the wine if you want but I’m not doing a Halloween wine and candy post.


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