#MadeInFrance: Wine and Cheese Pairing

It is amazing what people are doing on Facebook these days.

While there is a bit of a delay, Facebook Live can be put to good use: for example see the video above.

Or join the French #Winophiles today on Twitter when we explore the world of French Wine and Cheese for #MadeInFrance.

Because that bit of delay allows us more time to taste the cheese and the wine!

If you are tasting wine and cheese together, remember:

  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Wine

Below are more detailed directions plus a list of the wines and the cheeses and some of our thoughts on a few of them. You might also  check out this blog post from National Wine and Cheese Day (yes that’s a thing!) which also explains that both food and wine are “flavor dense” so they both offer a lot of complex flavors and chemistry for your palate to play with and explore. Continue reading