Celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day April 24 or May 6? Both!


According to Wine Folly, International Sauvignon Blanc Day is today, Sunday, April 24 so Que Syrah Sue and I opened three Sauvignon Blanc wines from two continents: two inexpensive ones from South America, Decopas from Argentina (around $10) and Globerati from Chile (under $10), and a more expensive one from North America, Provenance from Napa (around $30), and notes on the wines follow.

Many wineries around the globe are celebrating this versatile, food friendly, spring time favorite today.


But then again, maybe International #SauvBlancDay on Friday, May 6, 2016? According to St Supery, Friday May 6 marks the seventh annual International Sauvignon Blanc Day.

St Supery should know–under the direction of Rick Bakas, they started these global social media wine tastings with #ChardonnayDay on the Thursday before Memorial Day at the beginning of the summer season and #CabernetDay  on the Thursday before Labor Day at the end of summer.

So follow the sun around the world for 43 hours on both days!



Decopas – Sauvignon Blanc – 2014 – alcohol 12% – around $10

As we wrote about last week for Malbec Day, Decopas is Argentine slang for happy hour, and if you’re at a party this is a decent white wine especially when cold, and a refreshing alternative for someone who does not want Chardonnay.

The color is pale yellow to somewhat greenish in the bottle and you can see the effervesence in the glass when you first pour it.


On the nose, at first it has kind of a funk (that cat pee that some describe), then more floral notes of white flowers and jack fruit, but it’s a bit bland, and lacking the usual grapefruit and other citrus notes on the nose or white stone fruit that are generally present in typical Sauv Blancs.

On the palate, you feel the slight fizziness of this wine on the tongue when you first take it into your mouth. Flavors of saline and minerals flow across your tongue. It is thin and not very complex.

For around $10, this wine is okay but not exceptional. We both really liked the Decopas Malbec and would watch for it and buy it again, but while Sue would not seek this wine, I enjoyed it to the final glass, and I really appreciate the stelvin screw-top closure, which really makes it great for a party or travel, so I would drink it again.  Sample provided for review consideration.

Globerati – Sauvignon Blanc – 2015 – Chile Valle Central – 12% alcohol – $6.99 at Whole Foods – featured Wines of the World

Sue liked this wine better than I did; in fact, she’d buy this wine again for $7 while I would not. There are some great Chilean Sauv Blancs but I’d rather spend a dollar or two more. You can find a New Zealand wine on sale or seek out another varietal that is more pleasing at this price point (like the Albarino for $7.99 that we found at Trader Joe’s that we just loved!)

The color is not as light as you would think for a 2015. It is very yellow which makes you wonder if it may have oak treatment, however this is not an oaky wine at all.

The nose is pleasant and we found some lemon curd. The palette is crisp and bright but on the back of the palette we found too much rubber, and I really didn’t like the metallic experience on the back of the throat. That finish really put me off, but did not bother Sue as much. As noted above, Sue bought this bottle at Whole Foods and I was happy to see it go home with her!

Provenance  Vineyards – 2008 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc – Napa Valley  – around $30 

When you hold this bottle to pour Provenance Vineyards Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc wine, it feels expensive: it has a heavy shoulder and a sleek appearance, and clean appealing label.

And it delivers on that promise of a high quality experience!

I bought this bottle when it made Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wine List (it earned a score of 91), and then, for a number of reasons, never got around to drinking it, so I was really happy to find it and discover that it was holding up so well for its age! I bought it for around $20; the current vintage is $32.

In color, it’s a light honey yellow. On the nose, Sue did not appreciate it when we first opened it up, however soon the funkiness went away leaving lovely floral notes. There was still a note of petrol on the nose, but it did not take away from the enjoyment of the wine. It is still a lively wine for a 2008. There is still bright mineral, citrus, and floral notes to the wine. You would not always expect this in a 2008 white wine, however it has aged nicely.

On the palette, there’s a citrus tart, lemon curd, with fruity undertones, with just a hint of minerals. This wine is clean from front of the palette to the back, and it is an all around pleasant wine with a big grapefruit finish in the mouth.

It is the complexity of this wine that sets it apart from the other two, and some of that may be credited to sur lies aging as well as a small amount of Semillon. There’s a creaminess but also acidity and mineralogy. There’s citrus like lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit but also white stone fruit like nectarine. It even has some tropical fruit, melon, and nutmeg.

This is a wonderful, more subtle example of a quality, aged, Sauvignon Blanc, and it would pair with a wide variety of foods. We usually think to pair a Sauv Blanc of this price point with steamed mussels or clams, however it did very well with Asian cuisine on two occasions.  However it would be extremely nice with some nice clams or oysters, and I regret that I wasn’t able to procure any. I also would have loved this wine with ceasar salad with anchovies!

If you are fortunate enough to have a bottle of the Provenance Vineyards – 2008 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc laying around, drink it soon!


On May 6, celebrations kick off in New Zealand where Sauvignon Blanc accounts for around 70% of wine exports worth over $1.1 billion annually. Tastings and events will take place in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Germany, London, Toronto, New York, and Twitter headquarters in San Francisco with restaurants, retailers, consumers, and wineries. Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc everywhere and every day on social media using the hashtag #SauvBlanc — see what folks are drinking and thinking!

We’ll be opening Sauvignon Blanc wine from South Africa’s Mulderbosch which wine guide author John Platter famously referred to as ”South Africa’s most celebrated Sauvignon.” We’re very excited as we are unfamiliar with wine from South Africa.

We will probably also open a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. And to add a North American wine or two, poking around in my cellar, I found I have a 2009 from Lake County’s Bell, as well as a 2009 and a 2011 from Chalk Hill, so we’ll probably open one or more of those. While Sauvignon Blanc can cellar, as the Provenance above shows, by 8-10 years, most are not going to improve or even be past their prime, so it’s time for me to drink these wines!

Need some resources to make your #SauvignonBlancDay Special?  The #SauvBlanc Day Team has put together:

  • #SauvBlanc Day Social Media and Participation Tip Sheet – Word Doc
  • #SauvBlanc Day 2016 Tasting Mats – 8.5 x 14 User-Editable PDF
  • #SauvBlanc Day 2016 Rack Tasting Card – 8.5 x 11 User-Editable PDF

So if you were surprised by today’s #SauvBlanc Day, you have plenty of time to prepare for Friday, May 6! And we’ll be right with you!

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