Celebrate Chardonnay Day with Santa Barbara County Wine


Happy Chardonnay Day!

For all of you ABCers (Anything But Chardonnay people) stay tuned because I have posts coming up about Spanish Albarino, Italian Grillo, and a few other very interesting white wines! And I hope you’ll consider your stance and at least try one of the very special mineral, terroir driven Santa Barbara Chardonnays that are coming out of the region.

But today is a day to celebrate Chardonnay!

Last week, I attended a Santa Barbara County Chardonnay seminar moderated by Elaine Chukan Brown where we were led through a tasting and discussion of Santa Barbara County Chardonnay, followed by a walk around tasting with many of the winemakers.


I took some notes plus a series of tweets which I share below,  and then this week Sue and I tasted three more Chardonnay from the area, two that you should be able to find easily in your local grocery store, one under $15 and the other around $30. (I also attended a Bordeaux varieties seminar as well as attended a walk around tasting of Rhone varietals so subscribe for more about Santa Barbara County wine!) Continue reading

Post 500 and 90,000 page views on the eve of the Judgement of Paris! Let’s celebrate!

Time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Judgement of Paris!


And post #500 on Wine Predator! My first posts were in 2008 where I talked about the first Wine Bloggers Conference held in Santa Rosa, CA. Any day now, I will reach 90,000 page views.

And it’s been quite a climb to write 500 posts which average close to 1,000 words (we’re talking 500,000 words, yes?) hence the choice of Tercero’s 2010 “The Climb” to mark the occasion! (Read about other Tercero reds here and Tercero whites here).

I started blogging about wine not long after I started blogging in November 2007 with Art Predator. Like the Ojai/Ventura area newspaper column that proceeded it, Art Predator is an eclectic mix of that which engages the whole soul: art, music, poetry, food, wine, nature, and more in 1750 posts and nearly 625,000 page views.

Soon I realized that I should start a blog devoted to wine, food, and adventure, so I did and Wine Predator was born.

But my interest in wine starts well before that, and in fact, it leads back to the Judgement of Paris. And no, I don’t mean the painting!


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Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two: From South Africa and California



Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two!

This year, Sauvignon Blanc Day is being celebrated TWICE! And why not?


This time, as promised, we tasted Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa as well as California;

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