Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two: From South Africa and California



Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two!

This year, Sauvignon Blanc Day is being celebrated TWICE! And why not?


This time, as promised, we tasted Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa as well as California;

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Celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day April 24 or May 6? Both!


According to Wine Folly, International Sauvignon Blanc Day is today, Sunday, April 24 so Que Syrah Sue and I opened three Sauvignon Blanc wines from two continents: two inexpensive ones from South America, Decopas from Argentina (around $10) and Globerati from Chile (under $10), and a more expensive one from North America, Provenance from Napa (around $30), and notes on the wines follow.

Many wineries around the globe are celebrating this versatile, food friendly, spring time favorite today.


But then again, maybe International #SauvBlancDay on Friday, May 6, 2016? According to St Supery, Friday May 6 marks the seventh annual International Sauvignon Blanc Day.

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