Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two: From South Africa and California



Sauvignon Blanc Day Take Two!

This year, Sauvignon Blanc Day is being celebrated TWICE! And why not?


This time, as promised, we tasted Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa as well as California;

read on for our notes. I already wrote about our first Sauvignon Blanc Day where Que Syrah Sue and I opened three Sauvignon Blanc wines from two continents: two inexpensive ones from South America, Decopas from Argentina (around $10) and Globerati from Chile (under $10), and a more expensive one from North America, Provenance from Napa (around $30).

Today’s Sauvignon Blanc Day kicked off in New Zealand (where Sauvignon Blanc accounts for around 70% of wine exports) followed by countries around the globe and in cities including Melbourne, Hong Kong, Germany, London, Toronto, New York, and  San Francisco. Restaurants, retailers, consumers, and wineries will hold events to celebrate Sauvignon Blanc, and anywhere a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc can be opened and shared.  See what others are drinking by using the hashtag #SauvBlanc. Find resources to help you celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day.

For today’s Sauvignon Blanc Day, Sue and I opened wine from South Africa’s Mulderbosch which wine guide author John Platter famously referred to as ”South Africa’s most celebrated Sauvignon,” as well as a Bayten and a 2009 from California, Lake County’s Bell.

IMG_6123 (1)

Bayten – 2015 – South Africa – 13.5% alcohol – Winemaker Brad Paton $13 Constantia appellation

This wine really surprised us. While the color is a pale light straw typical of a Sauvignon Blanc, on the nose it offers notes of brine, flint, lime, green peppercorn, and funky earthy wet fresh cut grass.

On the palette, it’s like pure jalapeno jam, with a green peppercorn finish. From the front of the palette to the back finish there is nothing that is harsh with this wine, flavors of lime and tangerine, from the front of the mouth to the finishing end, this is a very complex wine. We thought it would be nice with a thai soup like a green thai curry or Pho.

Sue loved this wine so much I sent it home with her where she and her sweet really enjoyed it. They will definitely look for this wine to buy it and enjoy it again.  Sample provided for review consideration.



Mulderbosch – Sauvignon Blanc – 13% alcohol $18

This wine needs a sauv blanc glass to deliver the most complexity.

The color is very light, very pale almost translucent.

On the nose, it’s minerals and sea salt, not much citrus, faint grapefruit, some lemon.

On the palette, it’s lemon lime salt – almost like a margarita without the tequila or the alcohol content which made us think it would pair well with Mexican foods like fish tacos, even carne asada, chips and salsa, guacamole. There is something of a bite at the finish (kind of limey, an intense fruit to begin with). With the right food, this tames down to compliment not only the wine, but also the food.

We paired both of these South African wines with risotto and caprese salad. Risotto can be kind of a very rich food, but the clean fresh quality of these wines cut through the richness of the food. Risotto and wine made them stand out in contrast where as the salad and the wine were more complimentary to one another and they married one another.

I think this is a fun bottle, and I always appreciate a screw top!!

Sample provided for review consideration.

Bell – Lake County Sauvignon Blanc – 2009 – 12.5% alcohol – $28.00

When I found this in my cellar, Sue and I figured it was time to get it opened!

This wine is very pleasing on the palette. Light acidity lets the fruit shine through. This wine has aged very nicely. It is a wonderful wine. Color is typical for a Sauvignon Blanc, pale gold. On the nose, we found fresh grass, light petrol, kiwi fruit.

On the palette, it’s super balanced, rolls across the tongue and does not have any harsh spot with a nice well rounded mouth feel. It has a sweet fruitiness without being sweet like a cling peach, pleasing, fruity yet tart and a somewhat salty fruit flavor.

I had this wine open for a few days and surprisingly, it held its own. It’s very versatile and paired well with a number of different salads and meals. I purchased this wine at a wine store.

Are you a Sauvignon Blanc fan? Then subscribe! Coming soon: 2009 and 2011 Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc plus one more from South Africa!

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