Foods From Chile Contest Brings Up Memories of Portugal

Today my video submission for the Foods for Chile contest to travel to Chile is due! Above is a video Jo Diaz did of me exploring Portugal during our trip sponsored by Enoforum Wines. That trip made me realize that travel, food, and wine is more than a passion, but a true vocation. Working on my video submission reminded me of how much I want to travel and taste the pleasures of the world and share them with my readers.

But before I could get to Chile, or any other dream locations, I had to get this video done!

What a challenge this has been! I found out Monday that I was a finalist, graded papers and taught from 10am-7pm on Tuesday, and wrote my script on Tuesday night. Actually, I wrote two scripts!

This morning, Shawn Burgert from Wandering Wino came over and we went to my son’s school where we grabbed my son and some of his friends and took them to the beach where we filmed them singing and dancing: instead of  “Gangnam Style…hey sexy lady” they sang “CHILE Style…hey Gwendolyn Alley!” while they did the Gangnam style dance moves. It is sooo funny!

Next we went over to the Jolly Oyster and filmed there–wine and oysters, crackers and salami. Yum! Since we hit some technical glitches at my home computer, we raced over to the college where I teach where we experienced more technical problems! Thank goodness for Apple Care technicians who helped us figure out what we needed to do. And now we are almost done with the video!

This is the script I decided NOT to do:

I, Gwendolyn Alley, Wine Predator, am the right blogger to write about the food AND the wine of Chile!

Here are 7 reasons why Foods From Chile should choose me to go on this Culinary Adventure:

  1. I have an adventuresome palate and I love to try as well as pair new foods and wines!
  2. I love to taste, photograph, tweet, and write about food AND wine.
  3. I’m working on my doctorate in Ecopsychology which has a focus on family and food and wine and sustainability.
  4. I’m one of the Top 100 Wine Bloggers and Tweeters, I have a Klout score of 65, and I love to use my social media influence to get people to try new foods and wines.
  5.  I’m an established journalist and blogger who spoke at the Wine Bloggers Conference in 2012 and the International Food Bloggers conference in 2011.
  6. I’m a college English teacher so I know how to write as well as spell and use proper punctuation!
  7. I am the Wine Predator, on the prowl for good wine and adventure!

PS We HAD to open some wine for the video of course! Reviews of those wines tomorrow–and the video too!

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