February Fun Part 3: Bordeaux Wine Party, Dark & Delicious = Petite Sirah


Isn’t the internet grand? I can participate in wine events in two different countries in 48 hours and still sleep in my own bed! Here’s a few more events for February Fun–celebrating wines from Bordeaux then Petit Sirah!

  • Feb 20-21: 24 hours of Bordeaux starting at midnight Feb 21, Bordeaux Time:

                       Weds. Feb 20 4-8pm Pacific Time Bordeaux Twitter Wine Party

                       Thu. Feb. 21 6-8pm GMT City of Bordeaux Twitter Wine Party

  • Fri. Feb. 22 Dark and Delicious Petite Sirah Tasting, Rock Wall, Alameda
On Thursday, Feb. 21, the City of Bordeaux is celebrating all things related to Bordeaux wine. From 6-8pm GMT, they’re hosting an event in Bordeaux and one on Twitter–and we’re invited!
Since that that time in France translates to 6pm in France is around 9am on Thursday morning, I suggested that we conduct a Bordeaux tasting on twitter on Wednesday afternoon our time–after midnight their time since they want to gather a wide community and engage people in sharing their thoughts and experiences about wine in general and Bordeaux in particular  in a “TwittWineParty” that will bring together wine lovers and aficionados as well as a wider audience of wine drinkers.

If you want to join the fun but can’t get to France on Thursday, open a bottle of wine from Bordeaux (red, white, pink, or sparkling!), follow @twittwineparty, and check out the hashtag #TWPBX.

Fri. Feb. 22 from 6-9pm is the annual PS I Love You “Dark and Delicious” Petite Sirah Tasting and Food Event, held at Rock Wall Winery, Alameda.
Taste Petite Sirahs from over 50 different wine companies paired with tasty bites from over 30 Bay Area restaurants and caters.  Marsh and I attended this event in 2011 (this link also will take you to a discussion of that as well as a review of some Concannon petits as well as other reviews of petites I’ve tasted).

Pictured above, from left to right enjoying Dark and Delicious 2011 is Thea Dwelle of the blog Luscious Lushes, Jerae-Ione Knutson aka Red Wine Girl and myself, Wine Predator. Note we’re not too worried about our purple teeth! They’re a badge of honor!

We love that at Dark and Delicious many of the wineries bring several vintages of their petite sirahs making it fun to compare and the foods range from savory appetizers to not-too-sweet-deserts. Most of the winemakers are there pouring their own wines so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the wine from the person who made it.

As this event usually sells out, tickets may not be available at the door. Don’t be disappointed —buy your $63 Dark and Delicious tickets NOW here. (Or go visit Thea’s blog–she was giving some away!)

More advice: plan on getting there on time at 6pm so you can relax and taste your way around the room. Also remember to DUMP!! You can only enjoy so many tastes, even if they are small ones. Petite sirah often has high levels of alcohol so beware! Finally, be sure to check out the silent auction table early and often! Here’s why.

Can’t get to the Bay Area this weekend? I can’t either so do what I plan to do: open a Petite Sirah, and share your pleasures with us on twitter by using the #hashtag #PSILoveYou.

You can also learn more about Petite Sirah and this event by reading the links below.

I’m sure there’s a lot more going on across the country wine-wise in February–but these are the events that catch my fancy! What’s your idea of February Fun?

One thought on “February Fun Part 3: Bordeaux Wine Party, Dark & Delicious = Petite Sirah

  1. Thanks for the information here on the two upcoming wine parties. I love online wine tastings as they allow you to enjoy a bottle while also partaking in feedback from others and stirring the conversation.


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