What to Pair with Copper River Salmon: Pinot Noir & other ideas

Since Copper River Salmon is currently available, I thought I’d repost this article from two years ago to remind you to enjoy some CRS while it is in season.

Read on for more about CRS paired with a Babich pinot noir from New Zealand and a Vino V pinot noir from the Santa Barbara area. We also tasted the wine with difference musical selections to see how the aural experience changed out palates.

Get your CRS while you can and enjoy it fresh with a pinot noir or try a Washington merlot! It’s also fabulous with The Ojai Vineyard’s Red (pinot-syrah blend) or White (currently a blend of 41% Riesling, 31% Chardonnay, 28% Viognier)–I tried them both on Friday night, and while they’re both winners, I preferred the more earthy, richer Ojai Red over the minerally Ojai White; both retail under $20.

Looking for something bubbly and cold to pair with your CRS? Try a sparkling rose.

Wine Blogging Wednesday #58: wine & music symbiotics A month or so ago I went to a tasting at Paradise Pantry in downtown Ventura where Vino V winemaker Michael Meagher showed off his chardonnay, his Confundido blend, his pinot noir, and his syrah. I knew the syrah and even used it for the Wine Blogging Wednesday North vs South Challenge, so I was excited to experience the others. At a rushed tasting that night (we had a documentary on loons we’d planned to catch that night and we were on bikes), I … Read More

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One thought on “What to Pair with Copper River Salmon: Pinot Noir & other ideas

  1. Whether it’s Copper River or other Wild Salmon, we almost always have it with a red wine. Sometimes we choose a nice Italian red wine. Salmon is a great fish that does very well with reds. Thanks for sharing your tips, Gwendolyn.

    Julieanne Case


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