And the Wine Media Conference in 2023 will be held…

a Lugana excursion group at Ottella

At the official close of the conference, owner of Zephyr Allan Wright acknowledged the hard work of Laura Donadoni and Giovanna Prandini, founder and winemaker of Perla del Garda, a sustainable winery in Lonato del Garda, as well as the work of conference organizer Sarah Wohlner. 

And in 2023 the Wine Media Conference will be held… Continue reading

Wine Media Conference 2022: A Family Reunion in Italy with Ca’ dei Frati 2016 “Pietro dal Cero” Amarone della Valpolicella #ItalianWFT

A group of wine writers from WMC 2022 on the pre-conference excursion to Lugana

When is a conference more like a family reunion? When it’s the Wine Media Conference! This is the thought that struck me when a gang of us converged at Ca’ dei Frati in Lugana. On the one hand, we thirty or so were all ears and interested in learning what our hosts had to share with us about Lugana DOC and specifically the winery where we started our tour of the region.  On the other hand, there were squeals of pleasure and delight from participants seeing each other.

“We are all family here,” said Stefano Fioranzanto, the Ca’ dei Frati Continue reading