World Wine Tasting Championship Harvests 10th vintage and what’s up, Team USA?

Organized by La Revue du vin de France (or RVF), the World Tasting Championship harvests its Tenth consecutive vintage this weekend at Ayala in Champagne, France.  Building on the success of the French Tasting Championship  and the European Tasting Championship, La Revue du vin de France inaugurated its first World Tasting Championship in 2013 with 12 teams in competition at Château Larrivet Haut-Brion. Over the past year, countries interested in the competition determined a team to take part in the world competition as one of 34 teams here 12 wines from around the world challenge teams to identify blindly the grape variety, the region, the producer, the wine and the vintage, gaining points for correct answers. Who ever earns the most points wins. 

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