And the Wine Media Conference in 2023 will be held…

a Lugana excursion group at Ottella

At the official close of the conference, owner of Zephyr Allan Wright acknowledged the hard work of Laura Donadoni and Giovanna Prandini, founder and winemaker of Perla del Garda, a sustainable winery in Lonato del Garda, as well as the work of conference organizer Sarah Wohlner. 

And in 2023 the Wine Media Conference will be held…

..well, once again no conference has been planned for next year … YET.

A survey is going out asking where people want to go and to assess if the focus needs changing in 2023 and beyond. So watch for it!

I asked where it MIGHT be as he’s hinting about Abruzzo, and he said possibly Texas Hill Country where he’s held a conference before. I shouted out NO TEXAS UNTIL WOMEN HAVE REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS  and several people verbally agreed.

According to Allan, the reality will be that the organizers are moving to smaller conferences to make a higher quality event with higher quality, more serious writers in attendance  With a smaller group it’s easier to offer exceptional experiences — like having the dinner at the castle we’re having tonight. 

The conference will be more exclusive and focused and this year has been incredible with a smaller group full of people with WSET diplomas and lots of knowledge. 

More on THIS conference soon so subscribe! 




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