I made the Jancis Robinson #WWC22 Shortlist! Please vote for my essay “Stories of Regeneration”


Lupine with lupine

The Jancis Robinson team recently announced a shortlist of 20 entries from the  2022 wine writing competition — and I made the list with my stories of regeneration which includes a walk with my foster dog Lupine (read here). To determine the Reader’s Prize, you can vote for up to three entries from now  until Wednesday, September 21 9am UK time (basically midnight Sept. 20 Pacific time).

It’s easy to vote; you can can find the link to vote and the shortlist here. 

“We have been able to read about organic viticulture in Crete, sheep and goats in Oregon, and even cider production in Napa,” write the editors. “We are happy to say that we have come away feeling inspired by and confident in the strides that are being made in the fields of regenerative viticulture and sustainable winemaking.”

Over 60 entries were submitted by the June 30 deadline, 31 were selected for publication on the site, and 20 of those made the shortlist for the People’s Choice. The team at JR.com chooses the Judges’ Selection Prize.

Learn more about the contest, my entry, and the prizes here.

I absolutely adore last year’s Judge’s selection winning entry  by Chris Howard on the theme of old vines: “Evangelho – The Vineyard at the End of the World” (republished recently). He actually entered two essays, both top notch, and this is the second of the two. (I submitted an essay last year also about Lucas Vineyards in Lodi which was published but did not make the shortlist).

It’s an honor to make the shortlist, and I couldn’t have made it there alone. I’m grateful to all of the wine professionals who have taken the time to answer my myriad questions and who have shared with me their stories. I have learned so much from Bruce Freeman and Gretel Compton while interning at Clos des Amis since January 2019; I’ve come to understand so much more about the important work that goes on in the vineyard, and discovering in the process a passion for pruning. I’m so grateful for Sue Hill; for ten years we’ve been getting together most weeks to taste and take notes on wines and pairings. My family has also been incredibly patient as I have dove deeper and deeper into the world of wine these past few years, traveling to wine regions, and winning a spot on the US Wine Tasting team in 2019 and traveling to France to compete in the World Wine Tasting Championship.

Thank you for your support!


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