Wine and Cheese Delivery! Quartomoro Orriu Cannonau di Sardegna and a Cheese Board from Curdbox #ItalianFWT

2018 Orriu Cannnonau di Sardegna + curdbox cheese board supplies

What’s better than Italian wine paired with cheese? When it is delivered to your door! This month, the Italian Food Wine Travel group of writers is virtually visiting Sardegna, an island off Italy north of Sicily, with host Jill Barth. Read her invitation post here. Also known as Sardinia, the main grape grown there is Cannnonau which is also known as Grenache in France and Garnacha in Spain. So lucky me, when I said sure to sampling a pair of Italian wines with a selection of cheese and nuts and other supplies for a cheese board, one of the wines that arrived was a 2018 Orriu Cannnonau di Sardegna! 

2018 Orriu Cannnonau di Sardegna and curdbox

 curdbox and boards&co. are sister brands that partnered with The Italian Section to bring wine bundles to pair with people’s cheese orders! Sourcing from small, family-owned wineries in Italy, the selected wines are cheese-friendly making entertaining easy.
curdbox offers a monthly cheese and food pairing subscription box delivered to your door: a 3-month curdbox gift subscription means you receive a 3 bottle collection of cheese-friendly wines while a 6-month curdbox gift subscription means a 6 bottle collection of cheese-friendly wines. 

According to curdbox, “Each month the box has a specific theme such as “Great Balls of Fire” (a spicy themed box), Goatapalooza (a goat cheese themed box), and more! Each month, subscribers receive three cheese, three food pairings, beverage recommendations, a spotify playlist, and more. Curdbox even offers an allergy-friendly box (curdboxflex).”

boards&co is non-subscription offering seven boards&co. cheese board kits paired with a specially curated wine duo from The Italian Selection. At checkout, choose “with wine add on” to receive two special Italian wines that will arrive around the same time as the cheese board kit. 
For my review, I received a sample of the curdbox Monthly Subscription which is $50 a month plus shipping and it’s additional for the wine. No other payment was received and all opinions are my own. I also received a Vermentino which we will discover soon! 

2018 Orriu Cannnonau di Sardegna + curdbox cheese board

2018 Quartomoro Orriu Cannonau di Sardegna

ABV – 13.5%

Varietals – Cannonau di Sardegna, better known as Grenache

Importer – The Italian Selection

Color – Brownish, garnet, dense, cherry cola, dusty rose rim, 

Aroma – Fruit forward, cherry, roses, incense, rose potpourri,  very earthen and grounded, 

Palate – Lush ripe fruit, balanced acidity, bramble fruit, black cherry, incense, woodsy earthen quality is present on the palate, clean minerals, there is a fruit pop followed by the acidity and woodsy character that balances it out. 

Pairing – A good cheese board for have a range of flavors, colors and textures, which this box provides. We added samples from Mary’s Gone Crackers, and I highly recommend these which come in a range of delicious flavors from mild to complex.

Three cheeses came in the box–Roth Kase Grand Cru Surchoix, Hoop cheese, San Geronimo by Nicasio plus jam and nuts.

With Hoop Cheese (orange)- the cheese is a nice mild cheddar, it brings out fruit in the wine and works well – We felt that a grilled cheese with a pear or apple would be very nice, 

Roth Kase Grand Cru Surchoix – the cheese has a creamy Swiss cheese characteristic – this nutty cheese brings out the earthen characteristics in the wine and we felt that this would be a great cheese for an asparagus procuitto quiche to pair with the wine. 

San Geronimo by Nicasio – this cheese is very similar to a tellagio – we felt it needed to be with mushrooms to make it shine, possibly in a mushroom risotto or lasagne, 

The nuts – these spicy seeded nuts that are not too sweet and work nicely with the wine. The nuts could also be used over a salad to enhance a coursed menu. 

The jam is a bit too sweet on its own when paired by itself with the wine yet if it was drizzled on a grilled cheese sandwich it could be magic. 

You’re invited to join our monthly chat at 8am Pacific on the first Saturday of every month by searching for the hashtag #ItalianFWT. 

As I am currently offline, this post will be updated ASAP to include links to articles from other participants this month where you can learn all about the food, wine, and places to explore in Sardinia. 

Please note that as I am offline and this article was scheduled a week before its publication, if the world has gone to hell in a hand basket, or if there is some egregious reason this suddenly is in poor taste or otherwise unacceptable, please forgive me.

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